Old Geelong Gaol Haunted: Ghosts of Australia

Old Geelong Gaol Haunted: Ghosts of Australia

Old Geelong Gaol

The Old Geelong Gaol is a foreboding memory of dark moments in Australia’s past. Today, the notorious building remains mostly intact and casts a historic shadow over Geelong. The prison was built between 1849 and 1864 and remained open until 1991. Officially opening its doors to prisoners in 1853, giving Old Geelong Gaol 138 years to accumulate dark events and hauntings.

One of the most haunted place sin Australia, the Old Geelong Gaol.
Looking up at one of the most haunted buildings in Australia, dimly lit by night, the Old Geelong Gaol.

Unlike other Australian jails of the time, the Geelong Gaol lead a colorful and unique past when its many uses are considered. Apart from functioning as a maximum-security prison, the building was also used by the Australian Army post-WWII as a prison detention barracks and even as an industrial school for girls. It was also a place where many people met their demise. The prison’s gallows, which are still on display today, claimed the lives of 4 inmates. While the amount of executions undertaken at the Old Geelong Gaol is minute in comparison to other similar jails, the Geelong Gaol managed to make-up its death toll in other ways. There have been over 500 documented deaths within this notorious prison, many of which were caused by murder and illness.

Gallows at the Geelong Gaol.
Figures standing frozen in time upon the gallows at the haunted Old Geelong Gaol.

With a checkered past of death and suffering, typically comes ghost stories. So who, or what is haunting the Old Geelong Gaol?

haunted prison in Australia.
Looking for ghosts down the cell-lined hallways of this haunted prison.

The Haunted Old Geelong Gaol

The harsh lives led by the prisoners of the Old Geelong Gaol are certainly thought to have stained the walls of this penitentiary with paranormal energy. However, some also believe that former guards continue to monitor the empty hallways of the Old Geelong Gaol.

Front gates the haunted jail in Geelong.
The front gates to the Old Geelong Gaol.

The Gaol is a massive space with ghosts and even some alleged demonic activity being reported in various areas. A number of cells have gained a name for paranormal occurrences, while the walkways, shower block, morgue/kitchen prep area and the kitchen are all also believed to be haunted by different entities.

Old Geelong Gaol morgue table.
A Morgue table on display, as eerie addition to the Old Geelong Gaol, though not original to the building.

Visual spectres have been reported in many areas of the jail. While a lot of these are believed to be that of former prisoners, in particular the dark shadows lurking in cells, some are also thought to be guards. The apparition of a guard has been spotted hanging around both the walkways near the gallows and the central staircase of the prison. Surprisingly, a young girl has also been seen walking the gaol’s halls. It is speculated that she may have been leftover from the time when the building hosted an industrial school for girls.

Ghosts have been sighted here at the Old Geelong Gaol.
A scary-looking hallway where people have claimed to sight apparitions.

Many others to visit the now empty jail have reported hearing noises, which they were unable to explain. Disembodied voices and footsteps are amongst the most common sounds that people will report. Some other reports that may have been caused by the paranormal are suddenly forming cold spots of air and interference with electronic devices. However, these are not the most sinister events to occur at the haunted, old jail. Many people, in particular females, have claimed to be attacked by unseen forces. These attacks can manifest as scratches, groping, pushes and even hair-pulling.

Infamous prison in Australia.
Looking out over the upper floors of this infamous prison.

Visiting the Haunted Geelong Gaol

If you are brave enough to venture inside the Old Geelong Gaol after dark, I recommend checking out Twisted History. They run paranormal investigation events as well as ghost tours throughout the jail. Be warned, these tours are not for the faint of heart.

Old Geelong Gaol by night.
Exploring one of the most haunted places in Australia by night, the old Geelong Gaol.

If you would like to learn more about other haunted jails in Australia, I highly recommend both the Old Adelaide and Old Melbourne Gaols.

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