Ghosts of Point Sur Lighthouse: Haunted California

Ghosts of Point Sur Lighthouse: Haunted California

Point Sur Lighthouse

Along one of the most pristine and picturesque stretches of Californian coastline rests a notorious, yet grand lighthouse. In 1889 the Point Sur Lighthouse was commissioned to be built as a way to protect ships entering the dangerous waters that surround it. Although the lighthouse was positioned strategically and had an incredibly bright light, it was unable to prevent a number of disasters that occurred in the area. At least a dozen shipwrecks, many of which saw great losses in life, transpired just in sight of the lighthouse.

Haunted shipwreck coast near lighthouse in California.
Looking out at the treacherous stretch of coast that frames the haunted Point Sur Lighthouse.

One of the worst disasters to happen under the watch of the Point Sur Lighthouse was the Los Angeles, which sank in 1894. This disaster sadly claimed the lives of six people aboard, including women and children. Being a beacon surrounded by such terrible disasters has left the Point Sur Lighthouse tainted, and according to many, haunted.

Haunted Point Sur Lighthouse, California.
The supposedly haunted Point Sur Lighthouse.

Hauntings of Point Sur Lighthouse

Considering the tragic history that has bestowed this lonely lighthouse, it is easy to see why many people believe it to be haunted. Many believe that the lost souls from the shipwrecks that occurred near the lighthouse have been guided to land by the bright lamp of the Point Sur Lighthouse. Lost and confused, some of them are thought to now have taken up residence within the buildings that scatter the lighthouse’s island.

Haunted lighthouse island.
Buildings scatter the island where the lighthouse stands and a number of them are said to be haunted.

The spirits thought to have wandered ashore to this lighthouse include multiple sailors, young children and a man in a navy blue suit. This man has been sighted by countless guests walking through the visitor’s center, while others have claimed to hear or capture recordings of a little girl’s voice.

Haunted lighthouse.
Spiral stairs leading up to the lighthouse lamp.

In addition to these lost souls, the spirits of the families that once manned and run the lighthouse before automation are also rumored to have reminded after death. In fact, as many as 20 ghosts are claimed to haunt the Point Sur Lighthouse. One of the most common pieces of paranormal evidence that has been documented at the lighthouse is evps (electronic voice phenomenon). In addition to this, people have sighted apparitions, experienced poltergeist activity and sometimes the lighthouse beacon will move on its own.

Home for the lighthouse keeper, Point Sur.
The lighthouse keeper’s residence.

Visiting the Haunted Point Sur Lighthouse

The Point Sur Lighthouse is an interesting landmark to visit and stunning as far as views are concerned. The lighthouse can be viewed in passing or the island it sits upon can be visited with a guided tour. Check online to see when these tours are offered.

Haunted Point Sur Lighthouse.
Looking for ghosts inside the haunted lighthouse keeper’s residence.

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