17 Mile Drive’s Ghost Tree

17 Mile Drive’s Ghost Tree

17 Mile Drive

17 Mile Drive is a pristine stretch of road that draws tourists in with its scenery and spectacular views. The road allows drivers to cover the entirety of Pebble Beach and take in the sights of the Pacific coastline surrounding the Monterey Peninsula in California. It is also the place where one can find a craggy, dead cypress tree stretching outwards the sea from a rocky cliff, today known as the Ghost Tree. Although it seems that this tree’s name could stem from its spooky appearance, the area actually has some ghostly legends of its own.

Haunted Ghost Tree 17 Mile Drive.
The Ghost Tree of 17 Mile Drive near Monterey, California.

The Ghostly Legends and Tree of 17 Mile Drive

Legend has it that the ghost of a woman haunts the area of 17 Mile Drive near the Ghost Tree. She is known as ‘The Lady in Lace’ as she is often described as wearing something lacey and white by those who have spotted her appearing in the middle of 17 Mile Drive.

No one truly knows who this mysterious woman’s spirit is, yet many have speculated. The most popular theory is that this spirit is that of Dona Maria, who owned a large portion of the land that now makes up Pebble Beach during her lifetime. Some say her spirit has remained to continue looking after her property.

Ghosts at Pebble Beach, California.
The view out over Pebble Beach from the haunted Ghost Tree.

Others have speculated that this ‘Lady in Lace’ is actually that of a bride. It isn’t really known why she may be in the area, yet her upset, depressed expression had led those who have sighted her to believe she is trapped in sorrow, possibly searching for a lost love.

Visiting the Haunted Ghost Tree

Whether the legends that surround the Ghost Tree of 17 Mile Drive are just that of myth or hold some substance, the area is still well worth visit. A small fee is charged to drive along 17 Mile Drive, yet the views are well worth it. The Ghost Tree has signage and space to pull over for photos, yet visitors should make sure not to confuse it with the nearby Lone Cypress, which is also worth checking out.

Haunted Ghost Tree near Monterey.
Looking for the ghostly “Lady in Lace” at Monterey’s Ghost Tree.

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