Ghosts of the Haunted Monterey Hotel

Ghosts of the Haunted Monterey Hotel

Monterey Hotel

The Monterey Hotel is a striking Victorian-era building that sits in a prime position in Downtown Monterey. It is a popular destination for travelers, being in one of California’s most iconic coastal towns and situated in close proximity to the famed Fisherman’s Wharf. Although this hotel greets its guests with a warm, comforting interior it does possess some spooky stories that will send a shiver down your spine.

Entry doors to the haunted Monterey Hotel.
The front entrance to the grand and haunted Monterey Haunted.

Ghosts of the Monterey Hotel

The Monterey Hotel is said to be one of the most haunted and active locations for the paranormal in town. It has many different ghost stories, some of which are quite mysterious. One of these mysterious spirits is that of a teenage girl who is often seen on the staircases or roaming the upper floors of the Monterey Hotel. No one really seems to know the identity of this female spirit.

Haunted stairs in Monterey, California.
The Monterey Hotel’s active haunted staircase.

The best known and most commonly reported ghost within the Monterey Hotel is that of Fred. Fred is believed to be the spirit of a former caregiver that once looked after the hotel. He is mostly seen on the main staircase in the lobby, especially by the staff. Sometimes people will even hear him complaining about repairing broken stairs in the hotel. He is also thought to be responsible for messing with alarm clocks within guest rooms, as well as with their mobile devices.

Haunted hotel in Monterey.
Exploring the different floors of Monterey’s most haunted hotel.

One final spirit has been known to haunt the old Monterey Hotel. Many believe this spirit to be the architect who designed the building, still lingering around since he loved the place so much. Many who have seen him claim he is still be donning old fashioned clothing and he is most commonly spotted in the mirror in the front lobby.

Mirror in haunted hotel.
Looking into a mirror where people claim to have seen strange things.

In addition to these ghosts, a lot of other activity has been reported within the old hotel. People have recorded disembodied voices, felt presences and even sighted objects, such as doors, move on their own accord.

Monterey Hotel haunted place.
Standing outside the beautiful and spooky haunted Monterey Hotel.

Visiting the Haunted Monterey Hotel

The Monterey Hotel is one of the most desirable places to stay within Monterey. It boats old world charm with modern amenities and any spirits you may encounter are just a bonus. Bookings to stay at the hotel can be made online and the hotel is in a prime position for anyone looking to enjoy the activities Monterey is famous for.

Haunted scary hotel in Monterey.
Upper floors of the haunted hotel.

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  • Angela

    Posted by Angela on March 31, 2022

    I stayed there in 2004 not previously knowing it was a haunted hotel and heard old time music lightly playing in halls, ice cold chills through body and smell of old fisherman in my luggage that didn’t smell when we left home but took 2 weeks to air out afterwards. Glad to know I was right after all these years!


      Posted by Amy on April 3, 2022

      Wow, thanks for sharing your experience, Angela.

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