Is the Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok Really Haunted?

Is the Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok Really Haunted?

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is one of the tallest, busiest and most visited hotels in the city of Bangkok. It towers over much of the city at 88 stories or 309 meters. It contains hundreds of rooms and different attractions that keep tourists flocking through its doors and upwards towards its bird’s eye city view, but the hotel does have a darker side. After a recent string of online reviews claiming the tower is haunted and a terrible accident has occurred at the tower, many now believe that the Baiyoke Sky Hotel may just be on the most haunted places in Bangkok, Thailand.

Baiyoke Sky Tower, haunted hotel in Bangkok.
One of the tallest and allegedly most haunted buildings in Bangkok, the Baiyoke Sky Tower.

Ghost Stories of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Many rumors have circulated declaring that the Baiyoke Sky Hotel may be haunted. Many of these stem from online review sites such as Trip Advisor or Google Reviews. Though, after considering the history of the hotel, there may be some substance to these 1-star review’s claims.

Haunted hallways of the Baiyoke Sky Tower.
Looking down a lonely and dimly lit hallway of the Baiyoke Sky Tower Hotel.

Many other online articles have stated that three men working during the construction of the hotel fell to their deaths. However, it seems that his incident was actually far more recent that during the tower’s construction. BBC reports that in 2012, three men installing a billboard upon the side of the hotel fell to their deaths. The incident occurred after a platform broke resulting in three workers falling and two others left holding on suspended high above the city. Some say that it could be this tragic event that has caused the hauntings of the hotel.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel Tower view from the top.
The stunning view of Bangkok from the top bar of the hotel.

Plenty of paranormal events have been described within the hotel. These typically include poltergeist activity, where guests claim their belongings have moved around on their own accord, shadow figures being sighted within rooms and strange feelings of fear or feeling the presence of someone invisible nearby. These reports have been detailed by some visitors on review websites, though do not provide specific enough details to pinpoint the location of the supposed hauntings.

Haunted hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.
Looking up at one of the most haunted buildings in Bangkok, Thailand.

Visiting the Baiyoke Sky Hotel

I stayed at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel for a couple of days and had an uneventful though pleasant stay. Many had claimed that the hotel gave them a feeling of unease and creeped them out a little, though a felt completely comfortable during my stay there. There are plenty of themed dining options and attraction within the hotel to keep you busy during your stay, though there are cheaper options available outside of the tower.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel look out.
Walking around the lookout at the very top of the Baiyoke Sky Tower.

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  • Zack

    Posted by Zack on March 4, 2019

    Hi Amy, try searching YouTube with these keywords “amber court genting highlands” and you’ll get one of the creepiest hotels you will ever see in the world (at least on the outside). It’s an (almost) abandoned hotel high up a mountain in Malaysia. There are numerous haunted stories about this hotel, and also of Genting Highlands in general. It is believed that many people committed suicide here over the years, after they lost money gambling.


      Posted by Amy on March 4, 2019

      Hi Zack. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I am actually in Malaysia right now so this is great! I will look it up and try to fit it in my journey! Stay spooky!

  • Kerg

    Posted by Kerg on October 1, 2019

    My wife and I stayed there in December 2018. I have always been sensitive to activity since a child and found an awful.lot occuring including regular strong sense of presence, constant catching of activity from the corner of my eye (too much to simply be mind tricks). Witnessing people walking past the end of the lift corridor with the wall of mirrors both sides reflecting each other on our floor that simply vanished on at least 2 occassions. I was followed back to my room by a presence walking up behind me from the breakout area that for some reason on the occasion had all lights turned off. I opened the door again right after closing it as heard the steps stop.right outside only to find nobody there. The second night we both heard the curtains opening and closing periodically within the room in the early am that simply was not occuring so obviously a sound projection. From 12am till around 2:30am on the 3rd night we were there I heard tapping and constant scratching noises all around the room which after getting up to investigate a number of times decided to stop the moment I pulled out my camera to try and record. On the last night we heard what soinded like a group of people loudly running around on the floor above us which seemed possibly understandable until you realise it was 2:30 am and upon heading up with my camera to try and capture something found nobody there at all. We also found during discussion with one of the cleaning staff that nobody had even been in the floor above and that we were also the only tenants on floor 72 during the time we had been there. My wife was a skeptic prior to our stay but now a firm believer since the experience. Was no suprise when I googled whether anyone had reported activity at the hotel. We are both keen to stay there again next time we visit Bangkok for at least a week this time and will be setting up a number of cameras around the room as the rate at which activity escalated has me convinced that it would likely be the best chance for me to actually capture something on camera.
    Also really want to try the Breakfast buffet that we sadly missed during our last stay.


      Posted by Amy on October 2, 2019

      Hi Kerg! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to share your own personal experiences at the hotel. That is so interesting and I love that you attempted to capture some of the activity on camera, nice work! I hope you get the chance to try the breakfast buffet on your next stay too! Cheers.

  • Kerg

    Posted by Kerg on October 2, 2019

    Hi Amy, from watching your vid I saw u were staying on level 22 I seem to recall. From what I have read most activity occurs from level 40 upwards. As mentioned we were on level 72.

  • Jenga Tech

    Posted by Jenga Tech on June 9, 2020

    Hey Amy! I stayed at the 74th floor and I felt paranormal things too. I felt really uncomfortable and eerie. In the night, the room looked gloomy as there was less light. I had folded a t shirt on my bed. I went to the washroom and when I came back the t shirt was completely crushed and unfolded. Also there was a sound of a horse outside my room but I am sure it was an ac vent


      Posted by Amy on June 13, 2020

      That is so cool to know you stayed at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel too, Jenga! Thanks for letting me know about your own experience there!

  • Johnny

    Posted by Johnny on December 9, 2020

    Great story. Many haunted hotels in Thailand. I hope U’ll investigate more haunted places in Thailand.👻👻👻👻😱😱😱😱


      Posted by Amy on December 12, 2020

      I hope to visit more haunted places in Thailand some day.

  • Luohan27

    Posted by Luohan27 on April 16, 2021

    Hi Amy, i am a regular stayer in BS whenever I go BKK. The transportation to Airport draw me to stay and also their breakfast buffet at top floor. Really marvellous view while eating.
    Like one on the comment, i too can sense phenomenal activity and sometimes can see it since young. I saw a boy around 5 yrs of age once running along corridor when I was staying around 40th++ floor once. As a Buddhist, i felt sorry for him instead of scared. I chant prayers every night and sent the good merits to him hoping he can one day leave the pl and reincarnation. At the end of stay, i even bought some sweets and scattered at the corner of all corridor towards the lift. Hopping it can make him happy.
    Actually, all these lost souls live among us. It just that we cant see them. They should reincarnated once they die but somehow due to some reasons, they are trapped in that area.

    Whenever we go to a country for vacation, we become uneasy and sensitive not because they are around( they are everywhere) but due to the hearsay and also strange places we are about to stay. That why a drop of water in bathroom during the night, pp tends to alert and run wild imagination. Then they anyhow relate to their friends when returned.

    If it really so spooky , why tt hotel didn’t close down and so difficult to book during peak period? Please la, those people who said they saw or hear it perhaps their conscious not pure and like to imagine.

    I miss BKk and hope to go again after the pandemic ends.Of course I will chose to stay tt hotel again.


      Posted by Amy on April 17, 2021

      Thanks for sharing this Luohan. I hope one day to visit the Baiyoke Sky Hotel again, too.

  • Vincent

    Posted by Vincent on November 24, 2021

    I stayed at the Baiyoke hotel with two of my family members and we didn’t experience anything paranormal. I also stayed alone for 2 to 3 hours alone in the hotel during the day and never experienced anything either. But maybe it’s because they say supernatural creatures don’t appear during the day? I dunno. But we as a family also never experienced anything at night.


      Posted by Amy on November 28, 2021

      Thanks for sharing, Vincent.

  • Yoke

    Posted by Yoke on August 17, 2022

    This really scared me a bit hehe I stayed there when I was younger I thank on the 64 or 66 floor I think I am not sure about it but also I don’t know if it’s important and if this adds on to the story to why these entities were attracted to me but my name is yoke… well back to what happened today I was watching a video about the hotel to have some memories back and the person mentioned something about it being haunted and it scared me because when I stayed there I had a nightmare of 3 big shadowy entities trying to lift/grab me from the bed. But when I read 3 men died there I got scared because 3 entities tried to grab me.. :/ I don’t believe all ghost are bad but maybe they disliked me because of my name


      Posted by Amy on September 4, 2022

      Wow, thanks for sharing this. There must be something about that place…

  • Diego

    Posted by Diego on June 19, 2023

    Stayed there last week. It is on the 42nd floor. Couldnt sleep all night. It wasvthe suite that looks too old with green couch in front of my bed. I reallt dont like the ambiance inside. It looks too old and the lights are centralized. I always leave the bathroom lights near the door but cant be done in my room. I think it is not only me inside the room because I am really uncomfortable like someone is constantly watching me over. Too creepy at the hallway too! Old carpets and dark alley seems like a ghosted hotel. Will never stay there again.

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