Ghost of The Old Clark Airbase Hospital, Philippines

Ghost of The Old Clark Airbase Hospital, Philippines

Clark Airbase Hospital

A dark concrete shell of a place many suffered and died, remains in the Philippines as an omen to darker sides of history. The Old Clark Airbase Hospital continues to sit in a quickly developing modern-day Filipino city. Parts of the building are barely standing and it is just as dangerous to enter as the locals say it is haunted.

Abandoned Clark Airbase Hospital, Philippines.
A creepy view of the Old Clark Airbase Hospital’s exterior.

Though the Clark Airbase Hospital today mostly excites explorers, vandals and ghost hunters, it should also be appreciated and respected for its importance throughout history. The hospital was constructed during the early 1900s and has been used as a military hospital to treat wounded soldiers during both WWII and the Vietnam War. It has even been occupied by both Japanese and US military forces, though most recently by the US, who used the space heavily during the Vietnam War to treat their soldiers. The hospital remained in operation until it was completely blanketed with ash from a nearby volcano eruption in 1991. This damaged the hospital extensively and forced its closure and eventual abandonment.

Inside the Clark Airbase Hospital at night.
A nighttime shot inside of the abandoned Clark Airbase Hospital.

With the age and sheer amounts of emotion, pain and anguish that have been experienced within the walls of the Clark Airbase Hospital, it may come as no surprise to learn that the building is haunted. Since its abandonment, many stories have accumulated about the intimidating premises and many have claimed to experience the paranormal within the building’s walls.

Clark Airbase Hospital, most haunted places in the Philippines.
The foreboding abandoned structure thought to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

Ghost Stories of the Clark Airbase Hospital

Numerous ghost stories exist about the Old Clark Airbase Hospital. It is commonly believed that since the hospital treated so many, particularly during times of war, it saw vast amounts of death. It is those who died here under sudden and traumatic circumstances thought to remain within the decaying hospital’s walls.

Abandoned hospital in the Philippines.
Terracing inside of the abandoned and haunted hospital.

A number of people have reported hearing voices echo through the empty hospital, as well as screams and sounds of pain. It is said that these are the voices of past patients, especially soldiers who died in the war. Within the first-floor ward, which was the hospital’s pediatric center, baby screams and cries have been heard by many. This was reiterated by a security guard on my own visit to the hospital. He also shared that he had heard running footsteps, as if created by an invisible child, in that section of the hospital.

Hospital in the Philippines used in WWII and the Vietnam War.
Stairs leading up through the decaying former hospital, operation during both WWII and the Vietnam War.

Further, more intense paranormal claims have come out of the hospital. Many claim to have sighted apparitions and shadow figures throughout the hospital. The sightings vary and have occurred in many parts of the ruin. Some have claimed to see a figure crouching down and peering out from behind pillars at them, while many have seen full-bodied apparitions in the morgue.


Ghosts of the Clark Airbase Hospital, Philippines.
Darkness within one of the Philippine’s most haunted buildings.

Finally, many have claimed to have had horrible and incredible intense nightmares following their visits to the hospital. Could this be caused by the energy said to have been trapped within this historic building.


Clark Airbase Hospital.
Approaching the scary looking Clark Airbase Hospital.

Visiting the Haunted Clark Airbase Hospital

The Old Clark Airbase Hospital is an impressive sight to see. It is a far larger structure than it appears on the outside and some areas of it remain covered in volcano ash that is almost 30 years old. The hospital is, unfortunately, not open to the public. This is due to obvious safety concerns. I was lucky to gain access by talking to the security guard posted at the hospital. He assisted me in gaining a permit to enter along with guided guards.

Clark Airbase Hospital Morgue.
Entrance to one of the many morgues inside of the Clark Airbase Hospital in the Philippines.

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