Beattie Mansion: Most Haunted House in Missouri

Beattie Mansion: Most Haunted House in Missouri

The Beattie Mansion

The Beattie Mansion is an epic place of historical significance. It exists in Saint Joseph, Missouri and has been known locally as “The House on the Hill.” It was erected back in 1854 by Armstrong and Eliza Beattie as their family home, though it was destined to become much more.

Beattie Mansion front porch.
The front porch of the Beattie Mansion, also called the House on the Hill.

Armstong would later pass away from Cholera in 1878 and Eliza would follow in death just two years later. Since, this wealthy couple had no heirs, their house would take on a new purpose and became a “Home for the Friendless.” This meant it was used as a refuge for the city’s homeless, aged, orphaned and later, even those suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

Haunted Beattie Mansion.
Inside the Beattie Mansion, a place truly haunted by its past.

With so many to pass through the Beattie Mansion, experience trauma there and even some death, it seems to have created the perfect storm for hauntings. This was eventually experienced first hand when the building was acquired privately, after a long stint of sitting empty, and efforts to restore the building into a bed and breakfast were halted by paranormal forces.

Outside the haunted Beattie Mansion in Missouri.
The exterior of one of Missouri’s most haunted places.

Hauntings of the Beattie Mansion

The Beattie Mansion was long rumored to be haunted, yet private owners attempting renovations in 2004 would get a true taste of the ghosts within. Supposedly, efforts were halted and abandoned due to the paranormal events that contractors experienced within the home, leading them to refuse to work on the building any further.

Haunted mansion in Saint Joseph, Missouri.
Pictures on display inside the haunted mansion.

Since then, investigators have been allowed to enter the mansion and found that a number of spirits seem to dwell within. Likely the most spoken of and prominent spirit within the house is that of Eliza Beattie. Many people claim to have sighted her on the second floor and it’s not uncommon to hear her footsteps down the hallway or even her singing.

Portrait of Eliza Beattie.
A portrait of Eliza Beattie who is said to haunt the house.

Another spirit who is often seen on the second floor, is that of young, four-year-old Mabel. So much so, that she has even been given her own bedroom upstairs. Mabel is historically documented as having passed away in the home, yet it is also thought other children also cling to the building’s haunted walls.

Ghost of Mabel Beattie Mansion.
Mabel’s Room decorated with toys.

Some have also claimed to encounter a grumpy man in the basement who is believed to be the home’s former caretaker. He isn’t described as malevolent or aggressive, yet can question why visitors enter his space.

Haunted basement of the Beattie Mansion.
The basement of the Beattie Mansion, allegedly one of the more haunted areas.

Plenty more activity has been documented within the Beattie Mansion. Some have heard strange noises, voices, seen objects move on their own, witnessed or heard doors slamming and even sighted apparitions. Other interesting stories of sighting shadow figures making their way across the ceiling and in the corners of rooms have also come out of the property.

Eliza Beattie bedroom.
Eliza’s former bedroom within the haunted home.


Visiting the Haunted Beattie Mansion

The Beattie Mansion is an interesting piece of Missouri history and the legends of this place are sure to stick around for some time. Overnight visits to the mansion can be organized online. Some bedding and heating within the building are provided, yet majority of the building contains no heating or cooling. I highly recommend a visit for any paranormal investigation team looking to check out new venues that are not as highly investigated.

Haunted Beattie Mansion.
Looking for the ghosts of the haunted Beattie Mansion.

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    I just finished watching your video on YouTube about the Beattie Mansion. In the video, you mentioned your singing. Are you saying that Olivia Newton-John and Delta Goodrem don’t have any worries that you’ll take their place?
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