The Terrors of Blood Street: Blutgasse Vienna, Austria

The Terrors of Blood Street: Blutgasse Vienna, Austria

Blutgasse, Vienna

Blutgasse is a rather unsuspecting narrow pedestrian walkway in the heart of Vienna, Austria. Its name directly translates to English as Blood Street. This is for the vast amount of human blood, which once flowed freely through the grooves of the alley’s cobblestone flooring. Though Blutgasse is fairly quaint and quiet by day, sporting galleries, apartments and a street-side cafe, it takes on a different and more sinister facade by night. This is the time when many people claim to encounter the paranormal along Blood Street. But, why is this place haunted?

Blood Street in Vienna, Austria.
Walking down the most haunted street in Vienna, Austria by night.

The Scary Side of Blood Street

The first story that connects Blood Street to death and the paranormal centers around a group of Knights Templars. It is told that this group was seeking refuge along the street. Hidden in the dark depths of the cellars located at Number 3 Blutgasse. Unfortunately for them, they were traced to this location, found in the cellar, dragged to the street above and viciously murdered. Turning the street red with blood and forcing its name change. Legends say that the Knights Templars were in the midst of hiding treasure somewhere in the cellar and it has yet to be discovered to this day. However, the most prevalent legends that now exist about them are that their ghosts remain, forever trapped to roam Blood Street.

Blutgasse Vienna, Austria.
Inside Number 3 Blutgasse.

Adding to the creepiness of this location and its notoriety is its former use as a thoroughfare for death row prisoners. It is told that Vienna’s former execution site sat at one end of Blutgasse. This meant that many prisoners took their last steps along the cobblestone street. Some say that these now executed prisoners continue to trace their final steps along Blood Street, stuck in a loop and consequently haunting the area.

Blutgasse or Blood Street.
The narrow winding street that is infamous for once flowing with human blood.

Visiting Blutgasse

Blutgasse is in a prime location for visits to Vienna, Austria. It lies in the main tourist district, surrounded by far more popular attractions and high-end stores. The street is a public one and can be accessed at any time of the day or night. Just be mindful of residents if visiting during the ‘dead’ of night.

Blood Street and its ghosts.
Exploring the scary side of Vienna, Austria by walking down Blood Street.

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