The Horrors of Ungarisches Haus and the Blood Countess

The Horrors of Ungarisches Haus and the Blood Countess

Ungarisches Haus (Hungarian House)

Vienna’s Ungarisches Haus, which translates to Hungarian House, is a typical city dwelling that does little to draw attention to itself. The building has, however, forged quite a nasty, little reputation by association. It is said that the infamous Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, once occupied this space. As you can imagine, dark deeds are said to have taken place within the belly of the building and thus resulted in a number of rumors that the property may be haunted.

Vienna's most haunted house.
The Ungarisches Haus or Hungarian House in Vienna, Austria.

The Blood Countess

Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian noblewoman in the 1500s who became best known as the Blood Countess and sometimes Countess Dracula. She earned this grotesque name by supposedly committing a series of horrible crimes that remain unmatched in depravity to this day. The Guinness Book of Records even dubbed her as the most prolific female serial killer in documented history.

Elizabeth Bathory Blood Countess statue
A carving depicting Elizabeth Bathory alongside one of her victims in Slovakia.

Elizabeth faced trial for crimes that included her murdering and torturing hundreds of young, women from her surrounding village. It is said she would lure these young females to her castle with the promise of a well-paid job, only to torture them to death in the most brutal of ways. Her motives have been described as an insatiable lust for blood, which she is rumored to have bathed in and even consumed to retain her own youthful appearance.

Street in Vienna.
A lonely street in Vienna, Austria.

Though these unimaginable crimes remain a great source of interest to many, their existence has also been questioned. It is often speculated that Elizabeth Bathory could have been framed for these atrocious deeds since she was an astute, rich and extremely powerful woman in an age where this was unheard of. Additionally, there were many people who would stand to gain a lot of power and wealth in the event of her demise.

Darkness Within the Ungarisches Haus

Elizabeth Bathory’s castle, Cachtice Castle, is often cited as being haunted and the main site of her atrocious murders. However, another less suspecting place has been linked to her supposed crimes and holds an equally grim history. Within the city of Vienna stands the Ungarisches Haus, a place where Elizabeth once lived. This is claimed to be the location where her murderous rampage of terror began, long before she inhabited her well-known castle of horrors.

Cachtice Castle haunted Slovakia.
Cachtice Castle where Elizabeth Bathory is said to have carried out the majority of her ruthless crimes.

It is rumored that Elizabeth employed a number of accomplices whose job saw them lure beautiful, young women to the Ungarisches Haus from the local marketplaces. Upon arrival at the house, where these young women expected to gain a new job, they were only met with torture and death. Though Elizabeth’s crimes are often debated, rumors persist that her taste for blood was developed in Vienna, within this now infamous building.

Haunted building in Vienna, Hungarian House.
The Ungarisches Haus, now said to be haunted.

Some have laid claims that this building’s past could have left behind stains of pain, torture and death, to the point that it is haunted. It seems very plausible that this building could contain the souls of Elizabeth’s victims if their murders did truly ever happen.

The Blood Countess house.
The entrance to what was once Elizabeth Bathory’s home.

Visiting the Haunted Ungarisches Haus

The Ungarisches Haus still stands within Vienna, though today is a private residence. The building can only be viewed from its exterior on the street.

In search of the Blood Countess.
On the trail of the Blood Countess in Europe.

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