The Blue Lady of Moss Beach Distillery

The Blue Lady of Moss Beach Distillery

Moss Beach Distillery

Peering through thick fog, overlooking the Pacific Ocean from a rocky perch sits the Moss Beach Distillery. A historical building that became an institution within Northern California during prohibition, the Moss Beach Distillery has stood proudly since 1927.

Entry to the haunted Moss Beach Distillery.
The entrance to the Moss Beach Distillery, haunted by the Blue Lady ghost.

Located in the sleepy town of Moss Beach just outside of Half Moon Bay and a short drive from San Francisco, the Moss Beach Distillery is a popular ocean side restaurant today. Towards the beginning of its life it served as a well attended speak easy known as Frank’s Roadhouse. The establishment was the perfect location for such a business, sitting on cliffs which overlook the beach where shipments of illicit alcohol would arrive for distribution to San Francisco.

Moss Beach Distillery through trees.
Distant view of the Moss Beach Distillery facing out to the Pacific Ocean.

The 1930s allowed the Moss Beach Distillery to gain an important clientele of figures including powerful politicians, film stars and one mysterious guest who refused to leave even after death.

Moss Beach Distillery’s Ghost Story

The Moss Beach Distillery is well known as a great place to eat and drink with a view, yet it is also known for its resident ghost. A beautiful young woman known to most as ‘The Blue Lady,’ has haunted the establishment since her tragic death.

Moss Beach Distillery's menu with the Blue Lady displayed.
The Blue Lady ghost adorning the front of the Moss Beach Distillery’s menu.

Her story starts in the 1930s when she frequented the Moss Beach Distillery. It was there she fell in love with the club’s resident piano player. The two enjoyed each others company, spending nights together at the club’s hotel and the nearby beach. Unfortunately their romance was not that of a perfect fairytale – the woman was married to another man. The most frequently recounted end to this story states that the woman’s husband attacked the couple one night as they walked along the sandy beach beneath the Moss Beach Distillery. The woman was stabbed to death, her lover sustained non-fatal injuries and the husband was never seen again.

Ocean view dining at the Moss Beach Distillery.
The Moss Beach Distillery facing the ocean.

Other versions of the story tell how the woman died nearby in a car accident and others describe a fight breaking out within the Moss Beach Distillery, that lead to the couple being murdered on the beach nearby. Another story speaks of a love triangle between the piano player and yet another woman leading the Blue Lade to commit suicide by jumping from the nearby cliffs.

Moss Beach Distillery's view of the ocean.
View of the ocean from the haunted Moss Beach Distillery.

What ever back story is correct does not change the beliefs of many that the Moss Beach Distillery is haunted by the Blue Lady. Staff and guests have described many instances of unexplainable interactions with what is thought to be the spirit of this murdered woman, still pining for the lover she was torn from so abruptly.

Beach access from the Moss Beach Distillery.
Walkway to the beach below the Moss Beach Distillery where the Blue Lady was supposedly murdered.

Over the course of many years countless individuals, including many children, have claimed to see the ghostly apparition of a woman in a flowing blue dress, sometimes torn and bloodied and other times clean and proper. This ghost has been reported all throughout the Moss Beach Distillery, as well as the bluff extending over the ocean in front of the restaurant and the nearby beach. The Blue Lady has gradually found other methods of making her presence known to patrons and staff of the Moss Beach Distillery. These include sensations that something is close by and hearing a disembodied voice, which has called out to staff members by name. The interactions have even been of a physical nature with some reports of being touched and tapped by an unseen force existing. This has grown to manifest into frequent poltergeist behavior. Chairs, check books, wine glasses and doors have all been mysteriously moved right in front of the eyes of witnesses.

View of the haunted Moss Beach Distillery from the bluff.
Staring out over the Moss Beach Distillery from the bluff that is directly opposite it.

It is quite obvious that the Moss Beach Distillery is a magnet for paranormal activity. This is all without mentioning the many random phone calls the establishment receives with no one on the other end, the documented strange light anomalies and the tales of female diners who have reported single lost earrings only for staff to find them in a pile days later.

Moss Beach Distillery's dining room windows facing the ocean.
The dining room of the Moss Beach Distillery facing the ocean.

Visiting The Haunted Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery is a hidden gem for foodies and anyone with an appreciation for a good cocktail. Just outside San Francisco, one can remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of city life and spend a quiet moment overlooking the Pacific Ocean and its beautiful coastline. The Moss Beach Distillery is one of my favorite spots in Northern California and it’s not hard to understand why it has a resident ghost attached and refusing to leave. I recommend trying the Blue Lady cocktail and then taking the trail and stairs to the beach below.

Blue Lady cocktail at Moss Beach Distillery.
The Blue Lady ghost’s cocktail available from the menu at Moss Beach Distillery.

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