Haunting of the Old Derby Gaol

Derby, England

Most wouldn’t even know this place existed, tucked away in the depths of an unsuspecting building, sits the remains of the Old Derby Gaol in Friar Gate. A place of imprisonment dating back to 1756. Many have perished in the building’s underground cells, as well as its surroundings. Whether that be from rampant disease, murder, suicide or even the hangman’s noose- since many executions were conducted here under England’s infamous Bloody Code. This code named […]

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The Haunting of 30 East Drive and the Black Monk of Pontefract

Pontefract, England

In August of 1966 Joe and Jean Pritchard would move into an unsuspecting house with their two teenage children (Philip and Diane), that house was located at 30 East Drive, Pontefract and would become one of the most infamous haunted homes in the United Kingdom. It wouldn’t take long before strange experiences were had by this family, within the typical semi-detached home, thrusting the property into the media spotlight and causing many stories to swirl […]

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The Haunting of Bron Y Garth Hospital, Wales


Opened as a workhouse in 1839, Bron Y Garth was to accumulate a history so dark and traumatic, many claim it to be one of the most haunted places in Wales. This institution was originally built to hold 150 individuals, providing the poor, destitute and homeless with lodging in return for laborious work. The terrible and harsh living conditions of the workhouse were the final resort for so many and it wouldn’t take long for […]

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Haunting of Jedburgh Castle Jail, Scotland

Jedburgh, Scotland

Sitting in the small town of Jedburgh, right along the Scottish border, is a prison that at first glance, appears more of a castle than an actual jail. Opened in 1823, the Jedburgh Castle Jail was built in the image of a former castle, which had once sat on the same land hundreds of years earlier. That 12th century castle was eventually demolished by the Scots in 1409 after a turbulent lifetime of battles between […]

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Haunted Mansion: Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales

Swansea, Wales

Craig Y Nos Castle is claimed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Wales. It has sat in the picturesque countryside, a striking gothic building, since it was built in 1842. Though a beautiful sight to behold, the mansion does have a dark past and one that is riddled with ghostly legend. Originally built by Captain Powell, a wartime surgeon, the home was said to be cursed from its beginning. Soon after the […]

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The Haunted West Virginia Penitentiary

West Virginia, USA

The West Virginia Penitentiary is a gothic style prison located in Moundsville, West Virginia. The prison operated from 1876 to 1995, and during this time accumulated infamy due to its poor conditions and treatment of inmates. At its peak, each prison cell housed up to three inmates with only one mattress, with the prison doubling its size in 1929 to combat the overcrowded conditions. Thirty six homicides took place in the prison, though many more […]

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Haunting of Spike Island: Ghosts of Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

Spike Island has been compered to Alcatraz for its use as a prison and dark history, but in reality, Spike Island may be far more haunted. The island sits just off the coast fo Cork, Ireland and stands at a mammoth size, spanning 103 acres. It originally started its life as a monastic settlement, but today the land is dominated by the massive Fort Mitchel, built in the 1770s. During times of war, this impressive […]

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Hauntings of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Many claim Waverly Hills Sanatorium to be one of the most haunted buildings in the world and this site certainly possesses the dark history to claim such a reputation. Originally opened in 1910, a number of hospitals were built on the grounds before the iconic and mammoth sized, 5 story bat wing shaped hospital was built in 1926. This building would stand at the forefront of America’s fight against the deadly disease, Tuberculosis. During its […]

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