Ghosts of the Cathedral House Hotel: Glasgow’s Haunted Hotel

Ghosts of the Cathedral House Hotel: Glasgow’s Haunted Hotel

Cathedral House Hotel, Glasgow 

The Cathedral House Hotel possesses a scary history and is eerily overshadowed by the notorious Glasgow Necropolis. The charming venue is frequented by unsuspecting guests and run by welcoming staff, many of whom claim to have experienced the paranormal within the walls of this Glasgow haunted hotel.

Haunted Cathedral House Hotel Glasgow, Scotland.
Standing across the street from the very haunted Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow.

The Cathedral House Hotel was built in 1877. It was purposed to be a hostel where newly released inmates from the nearby Duke Street Prison were temporarily lodged. It is this interesting link to the Duke Street Prison that has caused folklore and ghost stories to circulate the Cathedral House Hotel. Especially since the Duke Street Prison was an infamous location for its poor living conditions and many executions. Including the hanging of the last woman executed in Scotland back in 1923.

Bar in Cathedral House Hotel haunted by ghosts.
Checking out the bar area inside of the Cathedral House Hotel.

Although the prison was demolished in 1958, part of one of its old walls still stands as a grim reminder of the darkness that occurred during its existence. Rumours and legends now prevail that the demolition of the old prison may have displaced some lingering ghosts, some of whom are thought to haunt the nearby Cathedral House Hotel. 

Duke Street Prison wall, Glasgow, Scotland.
The only remaining structure of the Duke Street Prison in Glasgow Scotland.

The Haunted Cathedral House Hotel

During the Cathedral House Hotel’s long history, it has seen many people enter through its doors. Unfortunately, not all of those visitors have left alive. Some of the best known and tragic deaths to have occurred within the hotel have resulted in supposed hauntings.

Glasgow Necropolis view showing the most haunted hotel in Glasgow.
View of the Cathedral House Hotel from the top of the Glasgow Necropolis.

It is told that a newly released woman from the Duke Street Prison was reunited with her two young children at the Cathedral House Hotel. The woman who must have been suffering some form of mental break became distraught, believing that her children would be taken away from her once again. Sadly, her way of coping with this anxiety was to drown both of her children in one of the hotel’s bathtubs. Since their tragic deaths, many have reportedly encountered the ghosts of these young children, particularly in the upstairs bedrooms where their deaths occurred. They have been seen and heard, giggling and playing by many people passing through the haunted hotel.

Haunted hotel in Glasgow.
Looking up at the most haunted hotel in Glasgow, Scotland.

Another child with more mysterious origins supposedly haunts the lower parts of the hotel. This is the spirit of a mischievous little boy who is the most frequently encountered ghost at the Cathedral House Hotel. He generally resides in the main stairwell connecting the lower bar area to the hotel rooms upstairs. Many people apparently have seen him in that area and reported to feel the sensation of being touched by an unseen force. He has even been reportedly seen running through the downstairs bar area before disappearing right through a wall.

Cathedral House Hotel bar.
The bar of the haunted Cathedral House Hotel.

In addition to these well-known ghosts at the Cathedral House Hotel, plenty more paranormal activity is said to have occurred within the building. There have been countless ghost sightings, light anomalies, poltergeist activity and disembodied voices reported all throughout the hotel. The old wall that is the only surviving structure from the Duke Street Prison is also allegedly haunted. The ghost of a lone woman is said to hang around that area, always dressed in white and aimlessly wandering around, before disappearing back into thin air.

Glasgow Scotland, Cathedral House Hotel.
View of the Glasgow Necropolis to the left of the haunted Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland.

Visiting the Haunted Cathedral House Hotel

The Glasgow Cathedral House Hotel is a fantastic spot to spend the night, being very close to the city center. It even boasts a fantastic bar with plenty of affordable dining options. If you are looking to stay in a ‘haunted’ room, make sure to request one on the top floor ahead of time before your stay.

Cathedral House Hotel.
Ready to spend the night inside the spooky Glasgow Cathedral House Hotel.

If you are looking for other haunted locations to spend the night within the United Kingdom, I highly recommend checking out the Skirrid Inn in Wales.

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    Posted by A Yarushin on May 24, 2022

    You have made two grammatical mistakes in your otherwise interesting and well-written piece:
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    Posted by Dan on September 4, 2022

    I stayed in this hotel a few years ago, for work, i took a walk around the Necropolis. A few friends came to visit me one night, they parked outisde, as i was going to bed one of them text me and asked who was in the stairs with me, they could see someone through the window.
    Whilst i was in bed, i heard someone singing nursery rhymes, at the time it felt like a dream and that i was not awake, it sounded like it was a little distant, maybe the bathroom, i was stsying in the Cathedral Room, large circular room at the top of the staors


      Posted by Amy on September 4, 2022

      Wow thanks for sharing.

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