Charlotte’s Web: A Scary Paranormal Game

Charlotte’s Web: A Scary Paranormal Game

Charlotte’s Web Mirror Game

Charlotte’s Web is a unique summoning paranormal game that has made the rounds across the darker corners of the internet for some time. It is different from other summoning rituals in that is actually provides a backstory for the spirit that is being summoned.

The goal of this paranormal ritual is to contact a young girl named, Charlotte, hence the name of the ritual which draws a connection to the classic novel, Charlotte’s Web. The legend tied to this ritual claims Charlotte was a 7-year-old girl during the 1400s. Supposedly, her mother was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Scared of what may happen to herself, Charlotte ran away and escaped into a nearby forest. Tragically, the young girl did not possess the means to survive in the wilderness and passed away shortly after.

How to play

Some say that Charlotte can be summoned by performing the below paranormal mirror ritual.

Step 1:

Gather the supplies for this game. You will need a dark room, two people brave enough to play, flashlights/torches, a toy to act as an offering, a mirror, a table and two chairs.

Playing the paranormal game, Charlotte's Web.
Gathering the supplies required to play the paranormal mirror ritual known as Charlotte’s Web.

Step 2:

Start by setting up your room. Both chairs should be positioned next to one another, facing the same direction and a couple of feet away from one another. The mirror should be in front of these chairs facing back at them, so when seated in the chairs, one can see their own reflections. The table should be placed just behind, but in the middle of the two chairs with the toy placed atop of it and being visible in the mirror for those seated in the two chairs.


Ready to contact the spirit of Charlotte.
The ritual is set up and ready to contact Charlotte.

Step 3:

Once dark, the game can begin. Sit in the chairs and then turn on your torches or flashlights. Each participant should then gaze into the mirror and repeat together: “We want to play Charlotte’s Web.”

Step 4:

You must now wait and stare only into the mirror. You must not show any sign of fear, as Charlotte will sense this and the ritual will not work.

Summoning a ghost in a mirror.
Attempting to communicate with a summoned ghost inside a mirror.

Step 5:

Continue to stare into the mirror and focus on the toy’s reflection. At this point in time, Charlotte may appear. She will either be pleased with the offering of the toy or displeased. If she does not like it, she won’t grab it and could throw a tantrum, which is bad. If this happens, end the game immediately. If she likes the toy, she will proceed to take it.

Step 6:

If Charlotte is pleased with her new toy, you can ask her questions and communicate. Make sure to not turn around at any point in time and only observe her through the mirror.

Toy offering to spirit of Charlotte.
Will Charlotte appreciate the offering?

Step 7:

To end the ritual, speak the following together: “Goodbye Charlotte.” Continue staring into the mirror until you can no longer see Charlotte’s reflection in the mirror. She should slowly wander out of sight with the toy you have offered her. Only once she is gone can you break your gaze from the mirror, turn around and switch the lights back on.


Like most of the paranormal games and rituals in existence, there are inherent dangers in performing this one. Whether there is any truth behind the ritual and Charlotte’s backstory, one should always use caution when reaching out to paranormal beings. Below are some notes that should be considered when performing Charlotte’s Web.

  • Do not use fire for light i.e. candles, Charlotte does not like fire given her mother’s backstory
  • This game should only ever be played once. Just in case Charlotte gets comfy and sticks around.
  • At no point should you look away from the mirror, as this could result in a temper tantrum from Charlotte, which could be dangerous.

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