The Three Kings: Paranormal Game

The Three Kings: Paranormal Game

The Three Kings Paranormal Ritual

The Three Kings paranormal ritual has existed for a number of years and gained popularity online. It seems to have originated via a Reddit thread, so its legitimacy can be questioned. However, Its usage of mirrors, which are commonly thought to be portals, and a fan to create white noise make this an interesting take on conjuring spirits.

How to Play the Three Kings Paranormal Game

Step 1:

Gather your supplies. You will require 1 large room with its windows covered, an assistant, a candle, lighter or matches, 1 bucket of water, a mug or cup, an electronic fan, 2 decent sized mirrors, 3 chairs, a cell phone or alarm clock and a small item of sentimental value to you.

Step 2:

Set up for this ritual at 11 pm. Both you and your assistant should remain inside your house throughout the game’s duration. Place one chair in the center of the room facing North, this is your throne. The other two chairs should be placed on either side of this chair, facing it and set about two feet away. These will be the Queen’s and Fool’s Chairs.

Three Kings paranormal game.
Setting up to play the Three Kings paranormal ritual.

Step 3:

Now place your mirrors upon the Queen’s chair and the Fool’s chair facing the throne. You should be able to see these from your peripheral vision while sitting on the throne, yet never look at them directly. Now place the bucket of water and mug in front of the chair and the fan, turned on a low setting, directly behind the throne.

Step 4:

You should now leave the room in this way, ensuring its door remains open. Head to your bedroom, placing all remaining supplies next to your bed. Set an alarm to wake you at 3.30 am. Then, go to sleep while holding your sentimental object, which will act to protect you.

3 am ritual.
You must set an alarm to ensure you wake up by 3.30 am.

Step 5:

When you are awoken by your alarm, gather your supplies, including your sentimental object and make your way to the throne. Do this in the dark. Make sure you are seated and ready to play by 3.33 am.

Step 6:

Once seated, light your candle and protect it from extinguishing at all costs. You should also avoid looking directly into either of the mirrors. You should now focus your gaze on the darkness of the room, not the candle and definitely not the mirrors.

Three Kings paranormal ritual.
Listen carefully to any answers you may receive while playing this game.

Step 7:

At this point, you can proceed to ask questions to any spirits that may have come through. You may hear the answers come from either side of you, remembering that to one side of you is a Queen and to the other a Fool, though you will not be aware of which is which.

Step 8:

You must remain on your throne until 4.34 am. At this time, your assistant is responsible for calling your name out to you and breaking you away from the ritual. If they have trouble breaking you away, they will need to enter the room and pour the water from the bucket over you making sure not to touch you.

Warnings About Playing:

As with most of these paranormal games and rituals, there are warnings presented about playing. Though these are likely intended as harmless games, anytime you call out to the spirit world there is a chance you may receive an answer.

  • If anything goes wrong at any time, stop playing the game. Both you and your assistant should vacate the house and not return until the following morning.
  • The game should be stopped if you do not make it to your throne and are ready to play by 3.33 am.
  • You should make sure to select a trustworthy assistant, who will act responsibly.
  • Always ensure your sentimental object remains on your person throughout the game.
  • Do not let the candle blow out, if it does, end the game.

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