Ghost of the Curran Theater: Haunted San Francisco

Curran Theater, San Francisco

Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco rests an important omen to the city’s past, having helped shape the artistic city that flourishes today. The Curran Theater was opened in 1922 and has sat within the city’s heart, providing entertainment to San Franciscans ever since. The exterior of the building is adorned with a colorful marquee that has become a recognizable icon within the city.

Outside of the haunted Curran Theater, San Francisco, California.
Exterior shot of San Francisco’s haunted Curran Theater.

Though the Curran is a beloved landmark, it does have a tragic moment in its past, which some people believe has led to its resident ghost.

Haunting of the Curran Theater

The origin of this haunting dates back to 1933. On the 28th of November, excited crowds formed out the front of the Curran Theater. They were keen to watch the latest hit, Show Boat. It was here, that a young man made his way to the box office with financial gain in mind, rather than a night of entertainment.

Curran Theater sign, San Francisco.
The marquee of the Curran Theater.

This man, 25-year-old electrician Eddie Anderson, came face to face with the box office attendant. Here, he attempted to rob the Curran Theater, pulling a gun on 25-year-old Hewlett Tarr, who was manning the till. In the heat of the moment, a fatal decision was made and Eddie pulled the trigger on his weapon, sending a bullet into Hewlett Tarr and killing the young theater treasurer. Adding tragedy to this event, Tarr was just a fortnight away from marrying his fiance of five years, who he was supposed to meet for dinner after his shift. He sadly never made that date.

San Francisco's Curran Theater is haunted.
The distinctive sign of the Curran Theater, welcoming patrons into its haunted lobby!

Tarr’s murderer was executed by hanging soon after. Tarr, now dead, met a very different fate. That fate was to haunt the Curran Theater. Many people have claimed to hear strange, unexplainable noises within the Curran. Additionally, many guests and staff have reported to sight the apparition of Tarr in the lobby mirrors of the theater. Still donning his old theater uniform and now thought to be looking out for modern-day staff and patrons.

Curran Theater haunted.
A distinctive San Francisco landmark, the Curran Theater.

Visiting San Francisco’s Haunted Curran Theater

The Curran Theater is a special piece of San Francisco history. The theater is still functional today and hosts many popular shows such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Tickets can be purchased online or at the theater’s box office.

Curran Theater San Francisco.
The Curran’s signage.

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