The Haunting History of the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, United Kingdom

The Haunting History of the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, United Kingdom

The Haunted Lyceum Theatre

The Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, England is steeped in history and legend. It was built on top of a Roman Catholic Church and its graveyard in the late 1800s only to burn down in 1910, and be rebuilt the following year in 1911.

Haunted theater is Crewe, England.
Standing outside the exterior of the haunted Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, England.

Plenty of historic events have occurred at the theatre. These range from performances involving Charlie Chaplin to an accident, which saw a circus lion named Satan maul a young tamer. But, one thing has remained consistent since the theatre’s reopening, and that is its reported ghost sightings.

Stage inside haunted theatre.
Looking down at the stage within the theatre’s auditorium.

Ghosts of the Lyceum Theatre

Many spirits are said to inhabit the Lyceum Theatre. Perhaps the best known of these ghostly residents is that of the White Lady. She has been seen all over the building for over 50 years, often wandering around on stage but occasionally making her way through other parts of the building too. It is said that she is actually a ballerina who took her own life by hanging herself in one of the dressing rooms many years ago. Those who have encountered her often report smelling lavender in her presence.

Dressing room 3 at the Lyceum Theatre.
Dressing Room 3, where a woman is rumored to have taken her own life.

There have also been reports of a hooded figure sighted in the basement beneath the theatre’s main stage area – a place that still contains the remains of the old church’s well that the theatre was built over. Some speculate that this figure could be connected with the chapel and may even be a monk from days gone by!

Box B is haunted at the Lyceum Theatre.
Looking out from one of the boxes at the theatre.

Finally, there are three spirits said to haunt backstage areas – most notably is Charlie, a rather mischievous poltergeist who enjoys playing pranks on the living! He often hides props on stage just before performances begin, or even moves them around during shows – ensuring everyone stays on their toes! There is also believed to be a sinister energy lurking within the theatre, which might actually be responsible for burning down the Lyceum back in 1910. However, others speculate that the fire did not have supernatural causes and was likely sparked by a cigarette butt found in one of the dressing rooms. Finally, there is a child’s spirit who occasionally makes appearances, especially to other children visiting the Lyceum Theatre.

Inside Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, England.
The theatre is ornate a beautifully presented.

Visiting the Lyceum Theatre

From haunting figures walking along its balconies late at night, to playful ghosts moving props around just before showtime, the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe holds many mysteries – each adding an extra layer to its already-rich history! Whether you’re looking for thrills or just wanting to enjoy a show in one of the most beautiful theatres in England, the Lyceum is definitely worth a visit!

Haunted Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, England.
Looking for the ghosts of the haunted Lyceum Theatre.

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