Haunted tales of Newcastle Castle

Haunted tales of Newcastle Castle

The Haunted Newcastle Castle

The Newcastle Castle is a renowned landmark in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Originally built on a site that has been used since Roman times as a fortress making up part of Hadrian’s Bridge, then later for burials. The castle was originally constructed as a wooden motte and bailey in 1080 by William the Conquer’s eldest son. Henry II would later fortify the holding with the stone building we know today, between 1172 and 1177.

Newcastle Castle city view.
View over the city from the top of the castle keep.


With its long and fascinating history spanning centuries, it has been an integral part of the local culture for generations. Yet, beyond its historical importance lies something darker – tales of ghosts said to haunt the castle walls! From mysterious mists and cold spots, to phantom hands touching visitors, this ancient structure certainly has some spooky secrets to tell.

Haunted Newcastle Castle Upon Tyne.
Looking up at the formidable and very haunted Newcastle Castle.

Ghosts of the Newcastle Castle

The castle is said to be haunted by numerous ghosts and spirits, with dark shadows appearing throughout the building and loud footsteps echoing through its hallways. Visitors have reported hearing voices, especially the ghostly chanting of monks emanating from the former Queen’s Quarters.

Haunted room at Newcastle Castle where ghostly monks exist.
Inside the former Queen’s quarters where some believe that monk’s also once occupied.

The most popular ghost story of the castle is known as the ‘Poppy Girl.’ Different tellings of her story exist, but each of them refer to the Poppy Girl as a flower salesperson, who is sometimes even named Poppy. Unfortunately, she was sent to prison, locked away in the castle’s dungeon for owing people money. She was later sadly attacked and murdered by male prisoners. To this day, people still claim to smell flowers or capture sight of the Poppy Girl within the castle, in particular around the dungeon area. Yet, others aren’t sure this story has any historical backing and question its legitimacy.

Haunted staircase in Newcastle Castle.
The winding staircase that connects the entire castle keep.

Other paranormal activity is said to occur all throughout the castle keep. The sighting of mists is very common, poltergeist activity has occurred, unexplainable cold spots have been felt and some have even reported shadowy figures making their way across the galleries, often spotted from the Great Hall.

Great Hall in haunted Newcastle Castle Upon Tyne.
Looking up at the galleries where ghosts have been sighted from within the castle’s great hall.

Many have claimed the dungeon area to be one of the more frightening spots of the castle, which makes sense given that it was a place of great torment and despair for many. Prisoners would have been shackled to the walls here in conditions of pure squalor. Many of the them were also soon to meet their ends, since executions were performed at the castle. The castle, at one time, even saw a total of 18 hanging, drawing and quarterings in a single day, with the victims remains displayed up on the walls of the castle keep. Today, some have even claimed that the entities lingering in the dungeon are so powerful, they can even take over a person.

Haunted dungeon in Newcastle Castle.
Prisoner graffiti etched into the stone within the haunted dungeon.

Visiting the Haunted Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle is one of Britain’s most haunted places and is sure to send shivers down your spine. If you’re brave enough, take a visit and discover the ghosts that lurk in its walls. If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn about another haunted castle in England, I highly recommend the extremely haunted Chillingham Castle.

Newcastle Castle paranormal investigation.
Looking for the ghosts of Newcastle Castle.

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