Ghosts of House of the Seven Gables: Haunted Salem

Ghosts of House of the Seven Gables: Haunted Salem

House of the Seven Gables, Salem

Salem is a charming and historic town, known predominantly and made infamous for its past Witch Trials. Although those trials date back to the 1600s, they have certainly shaped Salem and continue to influence its image to this day. Visitors tend to flock to Salem to experience its spooky side and there’s no shortage of paranormal hot spots to choose from.

Haunted house of the Seven Gables Massachusetts.
The House of the Seven Gables is said to be one of the most haunted places in Salem, Massachusetts.

One of the supposedly haunted buildings, that continues to draw crowds to town, is the glorious House of the Seven Gables. Though this place is disconnected from the main spooky rhetoric that consumes Salem, being its Witch Trials, the house boasts its own interesting history and ghosts. This colonial mansion dates back to 1668 and is widely known thanks to American author, Nathaniel Hawthrone, and his novel The House of the Seven Gables.

Haunted mansion in Salem.
The pristine mansion, perfectly preserved for its ghosts and visitors alike.

Hauntings of the House of the Seven Gables

This Picturesque property has seen a long, interesting life and housed a number of prominent figures during its years. The house was originally known as the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion and housed these important Salem families for generations. The property saw a name change after popularity gripped Hawthorne’s work, the House of the Seven Gables. In 1908 the home was purchased by Caroline Emmerton, a philanthropist who did a great deal of work to restore the building.

Inside the House of the Seven Gables.
The lush interior of the House of the Seven Gables.

Having sat within the heart of Salem for so long and seeing so many people pass through its doors, it makes sense that the House of the Seven Gables may have acquired a ghost or two in its lifetime. Perhaps the best known and most sighted spirit to inhabit the House of the Seven Gables is that of Susanna Ingersoll. Susanna owned and lived in the property during the 17 and 1800s. She was an astute businesswoman who acquired a mass of wealth in her lifetime and is thought to have had some creative input in her cousin, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, famous novel. She also remained the only woman to have been born and died within the House of the Seven Gables. To this day, many claim to have sighted Susanna all throughout the home, especially peering out of windows before suddenly dissolving.

Haunted houses in Salem.
Do former occupants still linger within this house?

Another spirit has also been seen haunting the House of the Seven Gables. This ghost is that of a very young boy. He has mostly been sighted in the Home’s attic, as well as playing in the gardens of the estate. No one is really certain as to the identity of this mysterious boy. In addition to these spirits, many others to enter or spend time within the mansion have reported strange phenomena, in particular disturbances in electronic equipment. it is not uncommon for lights to turn on or off on their own.

Haunted attic of House of Seven Gables in Salem.
The haunted attic.

Visiting the House of the Seven Gables

Visiting the House of the Seven Gables is a must for anyone making their way to Salem. The house and grounds are impeccable and remain open to the public as a museum, which helps to tell the home’s history. A ticket to tour the home only costs a couple of dollars and is a worthy investment.

Haunted house museum in Salem.
Exploring and looking for ghosts in this historic home turned museum.

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