Glenbarr Homestead: Haunted House in South Australia

Glenbarr Homestead: Haunted House in South Australia

Glenbarr Homestead

In the charming town of Strathalbyn sits a historic house that is of extreme significance to the area. Known as Glenbarr, this property was established by early Scottish pioneers in South Australia during the early 1840s. William Rankine was to build the homestead, which was one of the first in the area. His family would go on to occupy the house for some 80 years.

Glenbarr House haunted.
Inside the supposedly haunted Glenbarr Homestead in Strathalbyn, South Australia.

Today, the house still stands proud and the property remains an immaculate time capsule of the 1800s family home. Some even say that past residents may still linger within the house and its surrounding buildings.

Haunted house in South Australia.
Old clothing on display in the haunted house, which now functions as a museum.

Ghosts of Glenbarr

Having such a long history and being a place where some death was experienced, the Glenbarr Homestead is rumored to be haunted. Many people have claimed to sight and hear ghosts of the past within the old home.  A lady gazing out the window of a front bedroom, while holding a lantern, is one of the most commonly reported apparitions in the house. It has even been speculated that there may be some members of the Rankine family still occupying the home, as sightings have been matched to historic photographs of the family.

Haunted house Glenbarr.
Original cot from the Rankine family now on display in one of the children’s bedrooms.

The property also contains a chapel. This place of religion exists within a converted barn and saw its conversion completed in 1945. This is another place where paranormal activity has been reported. It is rumored that at least one death occurred within the old barn, where a young boy was killed in an unfortunate accident. It is unclear as to whether this boy still haunts the chapel, yet investigators have received communication via some paranormal devices, which seems to be spurred on by religious statements.

Glenbarr chapel.
Inside the converted chapel on the Glenbarr property.

Also located on the property is an underground cellar where many have had strange experiences. This area is generally described as having a dark feeling and some have claimed to sight an entity that appears to be an elderly man.

Haunted cellar at Glenbarr.
The underground cellar where some people have reported paranormal activity.

Visiting the Haunted Glenbarr Homestead

The Glenbarr homestead is a beautiful and interesting place that preserves its past perfectly. Today, it can be toured during scheduled times or even booked for functions and events.

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Haunted Glenbarr homestead South Australia.
Looking for the ghosts of Glenbarr.

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