Haunted, Abandoned Mansion in Pune, India

Haunted, Abandoned Mansion in Pune, India

Taljai Hill’s Haunted Mansion

Perched high upon a dry hill dotted with gnarled, skeletal looking trees sits a ruin that has become rather infamous amongst those who live in Pune, India. Here, on Taljai Hill, is a long-abandoned mansion that has slowly been engulfed by rumors that it is haunted.

Ruins of a haunted abandoned mansion in Pune, India.
Ruins of one of the most haunted places in Pune, India, a former mansion.

Today the future of this infamous ruined mansion remains unclear. The land exists upon is slowly being surrounded by new urban development including new homes and a brand new cricket ground. This hasn’t prevented some superstitious locals from keeping their distance and avoiding the mansion completely after the sun sets.

Ghost Stories of Pune’s Haunted Mansion

The mansion’s origins date back to the 1900s when it was gifted to a high up official who worked for the local royalty. The man who owned this mansion, Surdar Thuve, took a liking to the finer things in life. Supposedly he would throw lavish parties and overindulge in both alcohol and the company of women.

Haunted mansion in Pune, India.
Pune, India’s haunted and abandoned mansion.

The main ghostly legend that is associated with the mansion is directly related to these promiscuous activities. It is said that after a dancer refused Thuve’s romantic advances he resorted to murder. This woman was killed and hacked into small pieces within the home. The guilt-ridden murderer and owner of the mansion then resorted to suicide to alleviate his grief. Surdar Thuve is said to have hanged himself within the mansion.

Abandoned mansion in Pune.
A tower from a mansion that has now fallen into disrepair and claimed to be haunted.

He is now rumored to haunt the premises along with the dancer that he murdered. Some claim to have capture sight of this man’s shadow passing through the crumbling ruins of his former home. Others have heard the distinct noise of Indian dancer’s bells ringing through the silence of the empty night coming from within this haunted mansion.

Abandoned mansion at night.
The abandoned mansion ruin by night.

Visiting the Haunted, Abandoned Mansion in Pune, India

Pune’s haunted and abandoned mansion is currently open to the public at all hours of the day and night. It is right alongside of a brand new cricket ground, and as a result, is quite a busy location during the day. As night falls, many people vacate the area. The structure of the ruin is small, yet interesting to explore.

Haunted place in Pune, India.
Visiting the ghosts of one of Pune’s most haunted places.

If you are interested in other haunted locations within Pune, India, I recommend checking out Holkar Bridge.

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  • rob combs

    Posted by rob combs on May 1, 2019

    Amy; do any of these lost spirits ever follow you back home? I know some ghost hunters here in Louisiana; and they HAVE been…..


      Posted by Amy on May 2, 2019

      Hi Rob, I do not believe anything has followed me or Jarrad home (yet). But I have heard similar stories about this happening, thanks for sharing.

  • Christian D. Antonio

    Posted by Christian D. Antonio on May 23, 2019

    Hi! Amy, Look at the Laperal White House, it’s hosted by Ghosts. It is Located in Baguio City, Philippines.

  • Christian D. Antonio

    Posted by Christian D. Antonio on May 26, 2019

    It is also the Ghosts, it is “Laperal White House” Located Just in Baguio City, Philippines Hopefully go it here.😊


      Posted by Amy on May 26, 2019

      Hi Christian. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I did actually visit that location, but unfortunately it was closed so I could not make a video. I will be writing a blog one day though as I did manage to get some cool photos.

  • Sagar

    Posted by Sagar on July 26, 2020

    Hello Amy, I am visiting your blog after watching the video on Youtube. Really well done! You are really brave!

    Now residing in Canada, I grew up in the area in mid-70s-early 80s. I have visited this place numerous times (not in the dark though :)) as we use to play there. The mansion was fully in good form and shape back then as I remember going to the terrace, seeing the beautiful bathrooms and the amazing Persian tiles on the floor in the living room.

    The house was also used in some bollywood horror movies.

    BTW, the name of the owner is Sardar Thube. Sardar meant a high ranking army officer.

    Best wishes,


      Posted by Amy on July 27, 2020

      Thank you so much, Sagar! I appreciate that so much. This is so cool to hear. I would have loved to have seen it back then, it is pretty torn up these days. Oh, cool to know it was used in some filming too! Thanks so much for this, so cool!

  • Sachin

    Posted by Sachin on October 19, 2020

    Hey Amy,
    Just came across you blog, interesting episode.
    I remember visiting this mansion several times in the mid 90ies. It was in a much better shape back them. We used to cycle there early morning to watch the sunrise from its terrace. The staircase was intact back them.
    The stairs and the hole in the ground you showed in the video let to a basement room, It had a single small window opening at the ground level on one side, I must say this basement room was definitely spooky.
    Other than that the house felt fairly ordinary, although we used to call it “Bhoot Bangla” (Ghost Bungalow), it was never scary to go there.

    Since it was away from the city crowd, this place was also popular among young couples, who would go there to find some quite time. That is not the case now, with the new road, and the cricket ground, it is now always busy.

    Anyway, it was a nice video. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Pune.



      Posted by Amy on October 20, 2020

      Thanks for sharing Sachin – I wish I had been able to visit when the staircase and basement was still intact. The hole under the stairs was home to some dogs and puppies when we went.

  • Richard

    Posted by Richard on April 18, 2021

    Well done guys, you both are very brave. Are you from Australia? You have seem to have a strong aussie accent.

    I am from India now i live in Brisbane.

    Anyways, welcome to India. India loves you both.

    I liked your video very much.

    Stay blessed. Stay safe.



      Posted by Amy on April 20, 2021

      Hi Richard. Yes, we are from Australia. Thanks for tuning in, glad you enjoyed the episode. We loved our time in Pune, it has lots of haunted places to explore.

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