Holkar Bridge: Haunted Pune, India

Holkar Bridge: Haunted Pune, India

Holkar Bridge of Pune, India

Connecting the outskirts of Pune, India is a bridge with as much history as it has legends. Whilst many people travel this route frequently, not even considering the reputation of Holkar Bridge, there are many more who avoid the bridge completely, especially if night has fallen.

Haunted Holkar Bridge
Looking out across the dimly lit road that leads across the supposedly haunted Holkar Bride in Pune, India.

The bridge was constructed during the 1800s by the then leader of the Pune area, Madharao Peshwa. It received its name from Yashwantrao Holkar, who commonly camped along the river that the bridge crossed. Later, it would serve as a location for a British military to camp.

Haunted bridge in Pune, India.
Underneath one of the most haunted places in Pune, India.

Though Holkar Bridge has a long and interesting history, it is best known these days for the many ghost stories and spooky legends it possesses.

Haunted Legends of Holkar Bridge

Holkar Bridge is well known locally for the sinister ghost stories surrounding it. Though the bridge appears unsuspecting and worn, it has the ability to strike fear into many.

Haunted Holkar, Bridge.
Looking concerned after hearing the stories about Holkar Bridge.

A string of unexplained deaths along the bridge has supposedly caused many to perceive Holkar Bridge as a haunted destination. Local lore suggests that some form of evil presence or curse could be responsible for accidents resulting in death along the bridge. Additionally, many people have claimed to witness ghostly apparitions on and around the bridge as they pass by.

Holkar Bridge Cemetery Pune India.
The Holkar Bridge Cemetery. Could it be responsible for the hauntings in the area?

Some believe that the presence of a nearby cemetery, aptly named Holkar Bridge Cemetery, could be responsible for some of these wandering spirits. This place, itself, has plenty of history. The cemetery contains graves, which date back to the late 1700s and are made up of a mix of cultural backgrounds.

Night shot of Pune's Holkar Bridge Cemetery.
Another shot of the Holkar Bridge Cemetery at night.

Though many ghost stories exist, no one is quite sure who the spirits wandering Holkar Bridge could be, or why they remain there.

Visiting Haunted Holkar Bridge

Holkar Bridge is easily accessible by car. It also contains a pedestrian walkway, which is accessible at all hours. On one side of the river is a local park, which allows access to the river banks and lower areas of the bridge. Along the other side is the Holkar Bridge Cemetery. This is open daily during daylight hours.

Pune, India Holkar Bridge.
Exploring the paranormal activity said to occur around Holkar Bridge, Pune.

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