Haunted Albany Quarantine Station: Camp Quaranup

Haunted Albany Quarantine Station: Camp Quaranup

Camp Quaranup: The Old Albany Quarantine Station

Camp Quaranup is a place where many emotions remain etched within its buildings. Both negative and positive times have been experienced within the small, remote coastal site. On one hand, the camp has been a place of happiness with many who have attended summer camps experiencing great times of bonding with peers. On the other, times of hardship, despair, illness and death have also been engrained within the site as it was originally operated as the Albany Quarantine Station.

Haunted Isolation Hospital, Camp Quaranup.
Outside of one of the most haunted buildings in the former Quarantine Station, the Isolation Hospital.

With the introduction of diseases via sea to Australia’s mainline, the need for a quarantine station in the Albany area arose and by 1875 tenders for the site’s construction were made. Various epidemics swept through the station, including Smallpox, Bubonic Plague, Tuberculosis, Leprosy and perhaps the most fatal to hit, the Spanish Flu.

Camp Quaranup haunted, Western Australia.
Now a Summer Camp, Quaranup was formerly a quarantine Station for travellers coming into Albany, Western Australia.

Ghosts of Camp Quaranup

Given the amount of death resulting from illness that was experienced within the old Quarantine Station, it seems only fitting that the former station is today claimed to be haunted. A number of locations throughout the campgrounds are said to be particularly active including the Isolation Hospital, Morgue and the Nurses Quarters.

Isolation Hospital, Camp Quaranup.
Spectacular views from the old Isolation Hospital.

Those to spend a night at the old Quarantine Station have made many varying claims about different types of paranormal activity they have experienced. Some have claimed to hear howling and wailing in the dead of night, as if someone is either reliving or still experiencing pain from the past. Others have claimed to sight phenomena that are more visual, such as anomalies in photographs, strange lights and even apparitions, including nurses, soldiers and young children. Phantom smells resembling chemicals have also been reported, alongside strange physical sensations, hearing whistles, being touched and even noting interference with electronic equipment.

Haunted Nurses Quarters, Albany Quarantine Station.
The former Nurse’s Quarters by night. Another reputedly haunted building.

The camp is claimed to have a number of resident spirits, though no names have been associated to the ghosts to date.

Morgue at the former Albany Quarantine Station.
Inside the Morgue, once used to store the bodies of those lost at the quarantine station.

Visiting the Haunted Camp Quaranup

Camp Quaranup is today a popular site for corporate getaways and Summer camps. The site is truly stunning with spectacular views of the coast and historic buildings where budget accommodation for large groups can be organized by contacting the camp’s office. I highly recommend organizing a visit!

Haunted Albany Quarantine Station, Quaranup.
Looking for the ghosts of one of Albany’s most haunted sites.

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in learning about other haunted places in the area, I highly recommend checking out the Albany Convict Gaol.


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