Ghost of the Haunted Point King Lighthouse Ruin, Albany

Ghost of the Haunted Point King Lighthouse Ruin, Albany

Point King Lighthouse Ruins

Perched on a rocky outlook along a stunning piece of coast sits the Point King Lighthouse ruin. This small structure is deep in history and surrounded by much local folklore. Though today, the building has been left in ruins it was once an important guide for ships traveling through to Port Albany, Western Australia.

Point King Ligthhouse Ruins Haunted.
The haunted Point King Lighthouse by night.

It was constructed after the Crimean War to assist with mail deliveries coming over from the UK. Both the lighthouse and the keeper’s cottage were completed in 1858 and manned by several keepers and their families until 1911 when the nearby Pilot Station took over lighting the lamp.

Lighthouse ruins in Albany haunted.
The view of the ocean through a window of the Point King Lighthouse ruins.

Haunting of the Point King Lighthouse

Since the demise of this small lighthouse and keeper’s residence, many ghost stories have swirled about the ruin. It is commonly believed that a former keeper continues to watch over the stretch of sea leading into Albany. Many people claim to have sighted a man in a long coat roaming around the area, both through the ruin and the surrounding land. He is thought to still be keeping an eye on the waters to such an extent that he has even been said to manifest onto boats and ships who run into trouble finding land as they sail through the past, helping to guide them to safety.

Albany, Western Australia haunted lighthouse ruin.
A dark hallway in the haunted ruin along Albany’s coast.

Those to have seen him have given detailed reports of his appearance. He is said to be an older man with a beard, a dark coat sporting brass buttons, wearing a black hat and clutching at a smoking pipe in his hand. While it remains uncertain as to who this keeper may be, many have claimed it to be John Reddin, who was the last person to man the lighthouse before its closure.

Haunted ruins of lighthouse in Albany, Western Australia.
One of the few rooms left of the Point King Lighthouse ruins.

Visiting the Haunted Point King Lighthouse Ruins

The Point King Lighthouse is a stunning ruin set to a magnificent coastal backdrop. It lies along a public hiking trail, around 15 minutes from where one can park their car. The descent to the ruin is fairly steep along a gravel path and the ruin itself is perched on top of rocks right near the ocean. I do recommend wearing suitable footwear and taking care when visiting the ruin as it certainly could be dangerous on the surrounding rocks.

Haunted Point King Lighthouse Ruins, Albany, Western Australia.
Looking for the ghost of the haunted Point King Lighthouse Ruin in Albany, Western Australia.

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