The Haunted Aston Hall of Birmingham, England

The Haunted Aston Hall of Birmingham, England

Aston Hall

Aston Hall is a country mansion residing in Birmingham, England. The home was built by Sir Thomas Holte between 1618 and 1635. Holte was a local squire looking to create a grand residence for himself, which would be fit to entertain the king. Holte had a fierce reputation, was feared by many and possessed a quick temper.

Inside Birmingham's Haunted Aston Hall.
The grand entrance room to Birmingham’s haunted Aston Hall. A large portrait of Sir Thomas Holte hangs overlooking this room.

The Holte’s owned Aston Hall for many years, up until 1817. After that it changed hands between multiple wealthy families before being purchased by the City of Birmingham, who continue to possess ownership of the property today. Aston Hall has since been converted and repurposed as a museum.

Outside the England's haunted Aston Hall.
Looking up at the exterior of the haunted Aston Hall in Birmingham.

Aston Hall has been the scene of fear, murder and attacks, still evident today in the damage a staircase endured from cannonball fire. Though a stunningly captivating building, Aston Hall’s history contains some dark and grizzly stories leading many to believe that it is one of the most haunted places in Birmingham, England.

Cannonball hole in ballastraude of Aston Hall.
Hole in the ballastraude of the staircase left from a cannonball which ripped through it.

Haunted Aston Hall Ghost Stories

The most commonly cited ghost story to come out of Aston Hall relates to the ‘grey lady.’ Many people believe that the grey lady may in fact be the daughter of Thomas Holte. Her story begins after she fell in love with a man who was not of noble status. The couple organized  to sneak off and elope, yet their plans were discovered by Holte, who had already planned his daughter’s marriage to another man. Legend states that Holte was so infuriated that he locked his daughter away in a small bedroom near the servants quarters for 16 years, sending her slowly mad. Now her ghost remains trapped to roam the hallways within Aston Hall and is sighted frequently by visitors.

Room where Aston Hall's Grey Lady ghost haunts.
The staircase leading up to the room Thomas Holte locked his daughter away inside of for 16 years.

Another of Aston Hall’s more tragic ghost stories centers on a young servant boy. After being accused of stealing food from his master, Thomas Holte, the boy feared what his punishment may be. He decided to take his fate into his own hands and took his own life by hanging himself from a rafter within the servant’s quarters in the property’s attic known today as Dick’s Garrett. This young boy’s apparition has been spotted by many roaming the halls of Aston Hall, particularly around the area where he died.

Dick's Garret of Aston Hall haunted by the ghost of a young boy.
Dick’s Garret, the former servant quarters in the attic of Aston Hall. Haunted by a young boy who hanged himself from the rafters inside the room.

Another death within Aston Hall is rumored to have left a paranormal trace. The ghost of a former cook is said to haunt the home after being murdered by Thomas Holte in the kitchen. After growing so angry over his cook’s poor performance, Holte allegedly grabbed a meath clever and used it to split his cook’s head clean in two. He would later use his power and influence to to clear his own name of murder charges.

Aston Hall kitchen haunted by a murdered cook.
Aston Hall’s kitchen where Thomas Holte murdered his cook.

The final ghost said to haunt Birmingham’s Aston Hall is that of a green lady. She is rumored to be a former housekeeper who worked within the estate. Her ghost is always described as wearing an elegant, long, green dress and her apparition is usually spotted sitting down in a chair in either the housekeeper’s living quarters or the great hall.

Haunted Aston Hall Birmingham, England.
Walking down the grand hallway of the haunted Aston Hall in Birmingham, England.

If you’d like to take a guided video tour of Aston Hall and learn more about its ghost stories, you should check out my video of the place.

Staircase in Aston Hall, Birmingham, Aston, England.
Grand staircase of Aston Hall in England.

Visiting Aston Hall Birmingham, England

Aston Hall provides a fascinating step back in time. It is open most days of the week during day light hours. The property can only be accessed by joining a guided tour, which is interesting and informative. Keep an eye on the museum’s calendar as they do seasonal events, such as ghost walks for Halloween.

Ghost hunting in Aston Hall.
Looking for ghosts in the beautiful Aston Hall.

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    Just happened upon this site…..Ironic as I was born in Aston and lived there until early teens, many moons ago.


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