Ghosts of Bluey Blundstone’s Blacksmith Shop: Haunted Melrose

Ghosts of Bluey Blundstone’s Blacksmith Shop: Haunted Melrose

Bluey Blundstone’s Blacksmith Shop

William ‘Bluey’ Blundstone built his blacksmith shop in the small South Australian town of Melrose in 1865. He had just emigrated to Australia from England with Martha, his wife, and quickly became an important individual in Melrose, performing much work for the local police station.

haunted Bluey's Blacksmith, Melrose.
Outside of the haunted and historic Bluey Blundstone’s Blacksmith Shop.

Bluey lived a long life, passing away in 1908, but his old blacksmith shop has sealed his legacy. Although these days the property is run as an up-scale accommodation option, much of the original structure and feel of the shop has been retained.

Haunted blacksmith.
The perfectly presented and preserved blacksmith interior.

Paranormal Activity in Blue Blundstone’s

The current and previous owners, as well as plenty of visitors to Bluey’s Blacksmith, have claimed to encounter the paranormal. It seems as though the former custodians of the building could still be present. Both a woman and a man have been seen around the grounds and could be Martha and Bluey, remaining to look over their beloved home.

Room for rent at Bluey's Blacksmith.
One of the accommodation rooms at Bluey’s.

Additionally, it seems as though a young girl named Mary may have taken up residence within the property. Some to spend the night have claimed to be woken by her and it is thought that she may have moved into the property from the park next door. This park, now known as Paradise Square, was the original cemetery in Melrose. In 1872, a number of bodies were exhumed when the original cemetery was closed and moved to Melrose’s new cemetery. Mary seems to have been one of the burials who was moved.

Bedroom in loft of Bluey's.
Bedroom in the loft.

Plenty more activity has been reported at Bluey’s. It is worth noting that nothing negative has been experienced, and the overall vibe of this place feels quite warm and welcoming.

haunted loft in Melrose.
Gorgeous spiral staircase inside the loft.

Visiting the Haunted Bluey Blundstone’s Blacksmith Shop

Bluey’s Blacksmith Shop is open as a unique accommodation option in Melrose. The premises has three different accommodation styles including a loft, cottage and barn. Paranormal activity only seems to be centered around the loft. I highly recommend a visit to Bluey’s if passing through town, not only for its historical value but its beauty.

Haunted places in Melrose, South Australia.
Looking for the ghosts of Bluey Blundtsone’s.

If you enjoyed this article you might also like to check out the haunted Melrose Museum, which is just across the road from Bluey’s.

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