Haunting of the Melrose Heritage Museum, South Australia

Haunting of the Melrose Heritage Museum, South Australia

Melrose Heritage Museum

Melrose is a quaint country town, known for being the oldest in the Flinders Ranges. It sits in the shadow of the glorious Mount Remarkable and is a place that boasts history just as remarkable as that very mountain. The Melrose Heritage Museum is an important place for such history, being both an amazing resource and a place of preservation.

Haunted Melrose Heritage Museum.
The exterior of the Melrose Museum.

The museum itself is contained in numerous buildings, including the original courtroom and police station of Melrose, dating back to 1862. Being the most Northern police station in the state of South Australia, this place governed an area spanning upwards as far as Darwin. The station was to cease operation in 1967.

Courthouse museum in Melrose, South Australia.
Inside the former courthouse and Police station of Melrose.

Paranormal Activity in the Melrose Museum

Since the closure of the original police station occurred, there have been whispers that the museum could be haunted. Some to visit have reported having strange, unexplainable experiences within a number of different areas of the premises. Even the current caretaker’s dog, Molly, has supposedly come in contact with something potentially paranormal. She has acted strangely in one of the museum’s exhibits and jumped up on an empty chair as if someone was present within it. She’s also said to be quite wary of entering the old courthouse at times.

Melrose Museum cells.
The original cells out the back of the Melrose Museum.

Not much is known as to who may remain at the museum and whether it may just be residual energy present. Our own investigation of the buildings did provide us with some strange moments and audio, where disembodied voices seemed to be present, was captured near the former holding cells.

Melrose courthouse holding cells haunted.
Holding cells for the courthouse.

Visiting the Melrose Heritage Museum

Melrose is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit. I highly recommend checking out the museum if passing through town. It is a great place to learn about early European history in South Australia, as well as Indigenous Peoples’ culture from the area.

Melrose Museum display.
Shackles are still on display inside the supposedly haunted museum.

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