Haunting of the Mount Remarkable Hotel

Haunting of the Mount Remarkable Hotel

The Mount Remarkable Hotel

The Mount Remarkable Hotel sits in the small South Australian town of Melrose and is the oldest hotel in the Flinders Ranges. Originally, the hotel was built by T.W. Moran, who was one of the earliest Police troopers in Melrose. Later, the wooden hotel he had built was replaced with the building that continues to stand today. This structure has continuously held its license since 1857 and has remained structurally unchanged since 1860.

Haunted Mount Remarkable Hotel.
Standing outside the allegedly haunted Mount Remarkable Hotel.

The hotel is an iconic piece of Melrose’s history and much beloved by tourists passing through the town and tourists alike. The Mount Remarkable is also well known to be haunted.

Haunted hotel in Melrose.
Staircase inside the haunted hotel of Melrose, South Australia.

Ghosts of the Mount Remarkable Hotel

Many to pass through the Mount Remarkable Hotel have claimed to have strange, paranormal experiences. The hotel is claimed to be haunted by at least three ghosts, that of a young girl rumored to have drowned in the hotel’s cellar, a woman and a mysterious man who typically presents himself as a shadow figure.

haunted front bar of pub.
The bar area where a stool has been knocked over by unseen forces.

Each of these spirits has been sighted by staff, owners and visitors. They have also been heard, particularly running through the long hallway on the upper floor of the hotel, which is currently disused. It has also been reported that objects within the hotel tend to move on their own. A stool has been witnessed toppling over in the front bar, without any apparent explanation. In addition, paperwork and plastic coin cups belonging in the pokie room of the old pub are sometimes found on the floor when opening up for the day.

Upstairs at the Mount Remarkable Hotel.
Four poster bed in the disused upper floors of the hotel.

The current owner’s daughter has even claimed to have her feet kicked off of a seat they were resting on by an unseen force. Almost as if someone did not want her to have her feet in this position.

haunted hallway in Mount Remarkable Hotel, South Australia.
The hallway where the sound of disembodied footsteps has been heard.

Visiting the Haunted Mount Remarkable Hotel

The Mount Remarkable Hotel is an idyllic, old building in a prime position along the main road of Melrose. The establishment is definitely worth a visit if passing through town. The staff are friendly and the pub is largely family-run! Accommodation in surrounding cabins is available for an affordable fee and meals are amazing too.

Paranormal activity Mount Remarkable Hotel.
Looking for the ghosts of Melrose.

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