The Haunted Fremantle Prison, Western Australia

The Haunted Fremantle Prison, Western Australia

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison is a foreboding structure containing a great deal of history, to the point it has even become a World Heritage Listed site. Many believe, that the darker moments in the Prison’s past may have led to hauntings within the building’s limestone walls.

Haunted Fremantle Prison, Western Australia.
The exterior of the very haunted Fremantle Prison.

Built by convicts and opened in 1855 the jail would stand the test of time, remaining in operation until 1991 when it saw its official closure. During its years of operation, the Prison was an intimidating and negative place for so many to pass through it. The jail saw punishments, such as floggings and solitary confinement, riots, escapes and even 44 executions by hanging, performed between 1888 and 1964.

Haunted Fremantle Prison near Perth, Western Australia.
Part of the Division One Cellblock inside the notorious Fremantle Prison.

Ghosts of Fremantle Prison

Many people to visit or who have spent time within Fremantle Prison, have reported having paranormal experiences. One of the strangest and most commonly told ghost stories about the old jail is that of Martha Rendell.

Haunted Prison in Fremantle, Western Australia.
The prison looking rather ominous on a dark night.

Martha was hanged at Fremantle Prison on the 6th of October 1909. She had been found guilty of murdering three of her stepchildren and became the last woman to be hanged in Western Australia. Curiously, since her death, many have reported to sight her face imprinted on one of the windows of Fremantle Prison’s chapel. It seems as though her face has been symbolically etched onto the jail itself, as if she is gazing outwards but never able to leave.

Famous chapel window of the Fremantle Prison, Martha Rendell face.
The window where many claim to see the imprint of Martha Rendell’s face.


Plenty more stories of spiritual activity occurring within the jail are present. One of the more active areas is said to be the room where executions were carried out. Here, many have reported to capture strange anomalies in photographs and feel unnatural sensations.

Paranormal activity in haunted Fremantle Jail.
Staring down a dark cellblock where many claim to have experienced paranormal activity.

In the main cell block, plenty more strange occurrences have been reported. Here, poltergeist activity has occurred, people have sighted black shadowy figures and even full-bodied apparitions, they’ve picked up on strange smells, seen unexplainable beams of light and even heard voices when no one is around.

Exercise yard of Fremantle Prison near Death Row.
An exercise yard where many prisoners would have passed through, including those who were kept in solitary confinement and on Death Row.

Visiting the Haunted Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison is today, run as a museum displaying stories from the past. It is a fascinating place to visit and can be explored via a guided tour. For the brave, nighttime Torchlight tours and even underground Tunnels tours are also available. For those looking for the full prison experience, the women’s prison next door remains open to guests as a youth hostel where visitors can stay overnight in former cells.

Haunted Fremantle Prison, Western Australia.
Looking for the ghosts of the haunted Fremantle Prison, Western Australia.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn of other haunted places in the area, I highly recommend checking out the Fremantle Roundhouse.

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