Haunting of the Mizpah Hotel, Nevada

Haunting of the Mizpah Hotel, Nevada

The Mizpah Hotel

Tonopah is a former mining town in a remote part of Nevada. It’s a place of great history, but also a place of great hauntings. No other building in town boasts as big a reputation for hauntings than the Mizpah Hotel.

Haunted Mizpah Hotel.
Looking up at the iconic sign on top of the haunted Mizpah Hotel.

The Mizpah first opened in 1907 and was one of the first luxury hotels constructed in Nevada. Being such an opulent place in a booming town, it didn’t take long for the hotel to solidify its place in Tonopah as an important social hub.

Haunted hotel in Tonopah, Nevada.
One of the most haunted buildings in Tonopah and Nevada.

Many dark stories would transpire within the walls of the grand, old hotel and some of those dark stories continue to play out today as hauntings.

Ghosts of the Mizpah Hotel

One of the most famous and dark stories to come out of the Mizpah Hotel is that of a robbery that went wrong. This story saw two miners utilize the underground network of old mining shafts beneath the Mizpah Hotel to dig through the hotel’s floor and empty the building’s safe. Later, the dead bodies of these two miners would be discovered in the tunnel system below the hotel, but any cash they had managed to grab was gone. It seemed they had been double crossed by another unknown assailant, who murdered them, left their bodies behind and ran off with the loot. Some claim the miners may remain in the basement below the hotel, still disgruntled about their foiled robbery.

Haunted Nevada hotel.
A safe deposit within the Mizpah Hotel.

Others to enter the hotel have claimed to experience paranormal activity all throughout the building. This includes various rooms, the hallways and even the elevator. They have claimed to sight apparitions, hear disembodied voices and even sight objects moving on their own.

Paranormal hotspot, Mizpah Hotel, Nevada.
Many areas of this old hotel are said to be active with the paranormal.

It is said that a pair of children haunt the third floor. This playful duo can often be heard playing and giggling in the hallway. In addition to these young spirits is that of an unknown soldier who lingers on the fourth floor. It is said that he died within the hotel and unfortunately, no one knew his identity at the time of his death.

Historic Nevada hotel haunted by ghosts.
The hotel has been impeccably restored and decorated to an era fitting to its hey day.

Perhaps the best known ghost of the Mizpah Hotel resides on the fifth floor, more specifically within Room 504, the most haunted room on the premises. She is known as the Red Lady and she once lived in the hotel, where she worked as a prostitute. Sadly, she was murdered just outside Room 504 in a very brutal fashion, being strangled and stabbed several times by a jealous ex-lover. Many who have spent the night in this room have sighted the ghost of this lady, heard her voice, smelt her perfume, witnessed objects move on their own and some have even awoken in the morning to find pearls she has left them beside the bed.

Room 504, Red Lady Suite Mizpah Hotel.
Inside the most haunted room of the Mizpah Hotel, the Red Lady Suite. Room 504.

Visiting the Haunted Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel is an incredible place of history and should not be missed if passing through Tonopah. Overnight stays in the Red Lady Suite can be booked online via the hotel’s website.

Haunted Tonopah Hotel.
Looking for ghosts in Tonopah, Nevada.

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