Haunted Unicorn Brewery Cellars Burra, South Australia

Haunted Unicorn Brewery Cellars Burra, South Australia

Unicorn Brewery Cellars, Burra

The Unicorn Brewery Cellars lie just beneath the historic mining town of Burra. The dark, extensive tunnel system appears intimidating. Cold, damp passages leading into winding darkness made for the perfect setting for a horror movie, being used as Wolf Creek 2’s torture dungeon. But, they also seem appropriate for ghosts, which many people claim linger from the past.

Unicorn Brewery Cellars Burra Haunted.
A seemingly endless, dark tunnel.

The Unicorn Brewery produced South Australia’s beer between 1873 and 1902. Unfortunately, after the brewery saw its closure many of the buildings, which made up the business, were demolished. The underground cellars were fortunately saved after they were sealed up and forgotten about, being later re-discovered in the 1970s and opened to the public. Since then, many people visiting the depths of this dark labyrinth have reported some strange experiences.

underground cellars in Burra.
The entry point to the underground cellars.

Paranormal Activity in the Unicorn Brewery Cellars

The Unicorn Brewery Cellars certainly appear an ominous place, likely why they were selected as a horror movie filming location. Yet, the activity that has been reported there isn’t malevolent in nature. Many have claimed to hear the sounds of footsteps or disembodied voices echoing through the tunnels when no one is around. In addition to this, others have sighted shadow figures within the tunnels.

Haunted tunnels in Burra.
Tunnels underneath Burra, said to be haunted.

No one is sure who may be haunting the old cellars and it remains entirely possible that the activity could simply be residual from those who passed through it and once worked within the tunnels. During our own paranormal investigation, we heard footsteps and voices that weren’t explainable. We also felt as though one particular area of the tunnels had an eerie feeling as if there was someone watching us. In this same area, we felt a number of cold drops in the tunnel’s ambient temperature.

Haunted Unicorn Brewery Cellars ghosts.
Some say the Unicorn Brewery Cellars are haunted by ghosts.

Visiting the Unicorn Brewery Cellars

The Unicorn Brewery Cellars are an interesting piece of Burra’s history, that should be visited by anyone passing through town. You can access the tunnels by purchasing the Burra Heritage Passport from the visitor’s center in the heart of Burra. This is essentially a key that opens a number of historic places within the town limits, so guests can give themselves a self-guided tour.

Ghosts of Burra Unicorn Brewery Cellars tunnels.
Looking for the ghosts of Burra’s Unicorn Brewery Cellars.

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