The Haunted Burra Mines: South Australia Ghosts

The Haunted Burra Mines: South Australia Ghosts

The Burra Burra Mines

In 1845 Copper ore was discovered near the small, country town of Burra in South Australia. The years following this discovery saw the community grow and by 1850 Burra was home to the largest metal mining site in Australia. The site, known as Burra Burra or sometimes the Monster Mines, employed around 1,000 men and boys at its peak.

Haunted Morphett's Engine House Burra.
The mighty Morphett’s Engine House in Burra.

The mine remained in operation until 1877 when it was closed. Almost 100 years later, in 1971, the mine would be reinvigorated and re-opened as a more modern open-cut mine before closing for the final time. Today, the site remains open to the public and is maintained by the local council. After all, it is an area of great historical significance, being the home to the first-ever cornish beam engine house built in Australia, dating to 1848.

Open cut mine in Burra, South Australia.
Aerial shot over the mine at site of Burra.

Ghosts of the Burra Burra Mines

Like so many other old mining sites, ghost stories have swirled about the Burra Burra Mines. After all, life wasn’t always smooth sailing for the workers of this site. During the mine’s early days, many strikes were held due to its poor working conditions and low wages. In addition to this, there were a number of deaths related to the site, including fatal accidents involving workers.

Ruin at the Monster Mine site Burra.
One of the ruins scattered around the mining site.

Supposedly, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) are commonly captured inside the old Engine House at the site. This seems to be a place where many have reported experiences, likely as it remains one of the most intact, and restored buildings in the area. Some have claimed to hear the sound of giggling inside the engine house, and believe there may be a young boy remaining in the area. Others have captured sight of a ghostly woman in the area, yet not much is known about her background.

Haunted engine house, Burra.
Interior of the engine house where some have encountered the paranormal.

Our own paranormal investigation of the Engine House and surrounding areas produced some interesting results relating to a fire that occurred on site in 1860, resulting in the deaths of two miners.

Haunted Burra Burra Mines.
Outside the Morphett’s Engine House with other ruins in the background.

Visiting Burra’s Haunted Mining Site

The Burra Burra Mine site is a stunning place, filled with an incredible amount of history and information about South Australia’s mining past. Access to the location can be granted by purchasing a Burra Heritage Passport from the Burra Visitor’s Center in the town square. This is essentially a key that allows you to access a number of historic locations in Burra, providing visitors with a type of self-guided tour of the small town and its past.

Haunted mining site in Burra.
Looking for the ghosts of Burra at its old mining site.

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