Hide and Seek Alone: Possessed Doll Paranormal Game

Hide and Seek Alone: Possessed Doll Paranormal Game

Hide and Seek Alone

Many consider Hide and Seek Alone to be one of the most dangerous paranormal games in existence. It’s origins lie in Japan and after the game’s instructions were translated into English, it boomed across all corners of the internet with many experimenting by playing the game for themselves.

Doll used in Hide And Seek Alone.
A doll is needed to play the paranormal game known as Hide and Seek Alone.

The purpose of this game is to summon a spirit into a doll, in turn possessing the doll. This is claimed to be dangerous as the spirit may likely look for a new host in a living body and could turn on those who dare to play.

How To Play

In order to play this game, you will first need to find an appropriate doll. The doll should be filled with stuffing and doesn’t necessarily need to be based on human features, a teddy bear would also suffice. You’ll also need a bathtub/basin, hiding place, television, knife (or another sharp object), red thread/needle, a glass of saltwater, uncooked rice and nail clippers.

Step 1:

Firstly you should prepare your doll for the ritual. To do this you will need to cut it open and remove all of its stuffing. One this has been completed, replace the empty space left from the stuffing with uncooked rice. This works to symbolize the doll having internal organs and is thought to attract spirits in some Asian cultures. You should also include some of your own nail clippings inside the doll along with the rice. This is said to bind the doll to you.

Cut open the doll for this paranormal ritual.
The doll must be cut open, with its stuffing removed and replaced with rice.

Step 2:

Proceed to sew the doll back together with the needle and red thread you have collected. This is symbolic of the doll receiving blood vessels. Once sealed you should use the red thread to also tie up and bind the doll’s body.

Red thread used in the paranormal ritual.
Red thread is used to symbolize blood vessels in this paranormal game.

Step 3:

Your doll is now ready. You should work to prepare the area where you will be playing now. Make sure to fill a bathtub or basin with water. You should then find an appropriate hiding place and ensure you have left a glass of saltwater there for later use. There should also be a television left in this hiding place.

Step 4:

You should now name your doll, this will give the spirit who possesses it more power. Wait until 3am to begin this ritual. To kick things off, start by reciting three times “(Your name) is the first it.” Then proceed to place your doll into the water-filled bathtub or basin.

Doll in bathtub or sink for Hide and Seek Alone.
The doll should lie in a water-filled sink or bathtub during Hide and Seek Alone.

Step 5:

Take your knife and commence walking around your house ensuring all lights are switched off. Once you are in complete darkness, return to your hiding spot. Make sure to turn your television on and set it to display static. This is something that you should continue to monitor as any strange behavior the television presents could indicate the presence of a spirit. Now, close your eyes and count to ten.

Step 6:

Return to the doll, making sure to bring your knife. Then repeat “I have found you (Doll’s name).” Proceed to stab the doll three times while repeating “Now, (Doll’s name) is it.” Leave the knife with the doll.

Haunted doll in Hide and Seek Alone.
Stabbing the haunted doll.

Step 7:

Immediately run back to your hiding spot. You should remain here silently in the dark, waiting and listening. Your doll may now be possessed by a spirit and could come looking for you wielding the knife you left it with. Things could get pretty bad if the doll finds you, so do not let this happen. If you hear or sense the doll may be near, you should immediately end the ritual.

Step 8:

In order to finish this game, take a mouthful of your saltwater and retain it within your mouth. This acts to protect you against the doll, which could be of potential danger to you. Take the glass with you and exit the room. Now, look for your doll. It is important to note that the doll may have moved from the place where you last left it. Once you locate the doll, pour the remainder of the saltwater from your glass over the doll as well as spit the water in your mouth over it. Then you are able to cut the red thread binding the doll, releasing the spirit in turn. Now, repeat “I win,” three times. Finally, it is advised that you dispose of the doll. It is recommended that it be burned or buried lined in salt. This will prevent the spirit from attempting to reattach to the doll.

Paranormal game with haunted doll.
Can a doll become possessed by playing a paranormal game?


Some people claim this ritual could be dangerous, though it is likely just a game to scare kids. Proceed with caution if you intend on playing. There are some additional rules which should be noted for those who wish to play.

  • Once a game begins it should not be ended partway through. You should always play the game in its entirety.
  • You should not play while other people are home, as they could also be targeted by the doll.
  • You should not name the doll with your own name or the names of anyone else whom you know.
  • Do not exit your house once you have started to play.
  • Do not look behind you when walking away from the doll.

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