Moonta Mines: Haunted South Australia

Moonta Mines: Haunted South Australia

The Moonta Mines

Moonta is a stunning seaside town along South Australia‘s pristine coastline. The town itself is a place of great history to the area, formerly booming during the 1800s due to rich mining opportunities.

Historic Hughes Engine House, Moonta, South Australia.
View of the Hughes Engine House, part of the historic Moonta Mines in South Australia.

Copper was discovered in the Moonta area in 186, which triggered a boom period and numerous mines remaining open through to 1923. During this time, the town grew with many new residents drawn from all over, in particular Cornwall, to pursue mining careers. Moonta was even nicknamed ‘Little Cornwall’ for this reason.

Haunted Moonta Mines at night.
The Hughes Engine House by night.

Despite this being a prosperous time for mining, it was also a time of tragedy, with a number of epidemics sweeping through town and killing hundreds. The mines were also to see their fair share of tragedy, which has no doubt led to the rumors that the old mines and theirs ruins are today, haunted.

Haunted Moonta Mines.
The Richmans Engine House during the day. Is this a haunted place in Moonta?

Haunting of the Moonta Mines

The Moonta Mines certainly have reason to be haunted. Many people died while working on this site for a variety of reasons extending to accidents involving being crushed, or health-related problems such as heart issues. Two Engine Houses that today remain incredibly intact are places where paranormal investigators have attempted to reach out to the spirits of the mines. Supposedly, these investigators have had some success and interesting experiences in these areas. Sightings of shadow figures and hearing voices seemed to be a common theme.

Richmans Engine House Moonta Mines.
The Richmans Engine House by night. This is a place where I heard voices.

Personally, I didn’t experience much at the Hughes Engine House, yet the Richmans Engine House proved to be quite interesting. It was here that audible and unexplained voices were heard and a general feeling of uneasiness was present. It remains to be told just who may be haunting these sites or if there are other active parts of the Moonta Mines, given that they stretch over a large area of land.

Moonta Mines ruins.
Ruins of the old Moonta Mines.

Visiting the Moonta Mines

The Moonta Mines are a must-visit attraction if passing through town. The engine houses are able to be visited at any time of day or night, and tours of the area can be taken via train during daytime hours.

Ghost Stories Moonta Mines.
Looking for the ghosts of Moonta Mines.

If you are interested in learning about other haunted places in South Australia, I recommend checking out the notorious cemetery in Kapunda and the Old Adelaide Gaol.

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