Singapore’s Most Haunted Cemetery: Bukit Brown’s 100 Thousand Ghosts

Singapore’s Most Haunted Cemetery: Bukit Brown’s 100 Thousand Ghosts

Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore

Singapore’s Bukit Brown Cemetery is a unique and beautiful location. Not only is it the resting place for over 100,000 people, nestled snugly amongst dense rainforest, it also functions as a biodiversity park. The cemetery is spread through some 233 hectares of jungle-like forest with graves dating back to 1833. There are many prominent figures from Singapore’s history buried here. These graves lie right alongside those who were poor or met unfortunate ends during WWII. Living in serene unison with the dead are many species of birds. Interestingly, the cemetery has even become a sanctuary for many rare and even endangered species to thrive.

Haunted gates at Bukit Brown Cemetery.
Tomb entry gates inside the Bukit Brown Cemetery, thought to be one of the most haunted places in Singapore.

The walking trails and hikes that lead visitors through Bukit Brown Cemetery are popular amongst visitors. However, some fear the area and don’t dare to go near the sleepy cemetery. There are many legends that state that this is one of the most haunted places in Singapore.

Graves in Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore.
Graves sprawled across the ground, sheltered by dense foliage.

Hauntings of Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cemetery has a long history and many graves. It is very likely this assisted the legends that it is haunted to prosper. One of the main pieces of folklore states that the forested area that encompasses the cemetery is haunted by Pontianaks. These beings are basically the spirits of women who died whilst pregnant or during childbirth. They are said to be very aggressive, fierce and strike fear into the hearts of many. Especially, when you consider their typical vampirish tendencies. The origins of these ghoulish beings haunting Bukit Brown Cemetery haven’t been defined in folklore. Yet, there are said to be multiple Pontianaks haunting the area.

Chinese grave at Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore.
Showing a typical Chinese grave within Singapore’s most haunted cemetery.

Another of the ghost stories that have been circulated about this famed Singaporian cemetery is of far more recent times. 2011 saw the construction of a massive 8 lane-highway approved. This road cut directly through the cemetery and resulted in some 4,000 graves being exhumed and moved elsewhere. Understandably, this is said to have angered the dead, who were supposed to be resting eternally within this burial place. It is said that the spirits of those who were relocated were very disturbed. This disrespect caused them to arise from their slumber and haunt the cemetery. Additionally, the rest of the spirits, although untouched by this construction, were also angered. They are also thought to wander the grounds of the cemetery, hoping to defend their place of rest. All 100,000 plus of them!

Gravestone in a rainforest cemetery.
Some graves are inaccessible, completely overgrown by the surrounding rainforest.

Visiting Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown is not too far from the main city center of Singapore. It makes for an interesting trip and a serene stroll laced with nature and history. It is not uncommon to find joggers or people walking their dogs here. Right alongside those at the cemetery to mourn or pay their respects.

Bukit Brown Cemetery at night in Singapore.
Exploring Bukit Brown Cemetery at night!

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