How to Play the Picture Game: Scary Paranormal Ritual

How to Play the Picture Game: Scary Paranormal Ritual

The Picture Game

The Picture Game has gained internet infamy as a paranormal ritual. It involves the use of mirrors, which are commonly thought to be portals, as well as involving spirit photography. Combining these tools makes for an interesting and creepy paranormal game. As always, these games are likely just for entertainment but please proceed with caution.

How to Play the Picture Game

Step 1:

You will need to gather a number of participants for this ritual. You will need a minimum of two players but this game does work better with more people. You should also make sure to gather a long piece of string or rope, one small mirror per participant, a camera with flash capabilities, a glass, a serving of alcohol and a pair of scissors.

The paranormal Picture Game.
Gathering the supplies required to play the paranormal ritual.

Step 2:

Begin by filling your glass with the alcohol. You should now place this in the middle of the room you intend to play within. Next, tie a knot in your piece of string to form a circle with it. Then use this circle to surround the glass of alcohol. Each person should sit in a circle around the glass. Make sure each person is holding their mirrors, while pointing them up to the ceiling.

Paranormal ritual.
Getting ready to play the Picture Game and attempt to capture a ghost on camera.

Step 3:

You should now turn off all the lights to sit in complete darkness. All participants should also close their eyes, hold each other’s hands and recite “I trust you,” one after the other.

Step 4:

Now they should simultaneously repeat “The door is open, please come in,” together three times. Afterwards they can open their eyes, knowing that the entity they are summoning could now be in the room with them.

Step 5:

Each player should now take a turn using the camera. They must repeat “I caught you,” before taking a photograph with the flash on, pointing the camera directly in front of them. The camera should be passed around the circle with each participant repeating this process a total of three times. It is important that no one look at the viewfinder to sight the photos they take at this moment.

Taking pictures of ghosts.
You never know what you might pick up in your photographs.

Step 6:

Once completed, the game must now be closed. Again, all players must close their eyes and simultaneously recite “it is time to go home,” together three times. Each mirror should then be turned to face the ground, the lights should be switched on, the string circle cut and the alcohol in the glass should be properly disposed of. To do this, pour it outside onto dirt. Only once this is complete, can you review your photos and see if anything strange was captured.

Part of the paranormal Picture Game.
The alcohol must be disposed of properly.

Warnings About Playing

While playing this game there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

  • Do not enter the string circle at any point in the game.
  • If anyone begins to cry or feel ill, they must not be allowed to take any photos.
  • If anyone begins to act in a way the doesn’t represent their typical behavior or just strange in general, the game should be ended immediately.
  • If anyone says out loud that they are scared, or something similar in nature, end the game immediately. The entity may take advantage of that person, considering them to be weak in nature.

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