Summoning The Raven Man

Summoning The Raven Man

The Raven Man

The Raven Man is a mysterious entity that has gained some popularity on the internet. Although no one truly knows his origins they aren’t shy to attempt summoning him, as he could be useful. The Raven Man is said to answer three questions or complete small tasks for those who successfully call upon him, yet this is not without any supposed dangers.

How to Summon the Raven Man

Step 1:

Gather all supplies for the paranormal ritual. You will need a dark quiet room, salt, five candles, matches or a lighter, a drop of your own blood and something that will offer you protection.

Step 2:

Once night has fallen enter your dark quiet room to begin. Make sure to have your protective item or amulet on your person, this should be held onto throughout the entire ritual and for the week following the end of the game – just in case the Raven Man chooses to linger.

Raven Man Paranormal Ritual.
Be sure to keep something on you that will offer protection while playing the Raven Man paranormal game.

Step 3:

Using your salt, draw a circle on the floor that is large enough for someone to stand within. Then, line up your five candles in front of the circle.

Salt circle for paranormal ritual.
Preparing the ritual’s salt circle.

Step 4:

Now recite the line: “On this dark night, I call on the Raven Man. Appear before me here and now, and do my will.” As you recite this line you should light a candle. Repeat this for the first four candles until they are all lit. You will need to do something a little different for the final candle.

Step 5:

Touch your drop of blood to the wick of the final candle and repeat: “The flame is my beacon, the blood is my sacrifice.” Then proceed to light that final candle.

Lighting candles for paranormal game.
Lighting each of the five candles.

Step 6:

If all of these steps are completed correctly, you should now have summoned the Raven Man. He will remain within the salt circle and possibly make his presence known to you, though this does not necessarily mean you will be able to see him. It is at this time you may ask your three questions or assign your tasks to the Raven Man. He will strive to provide you answers that are truthful and fulfill any task that doesn’t require too much of him. Make sure to not show any disrespect.

Asking the Raven Man questions.
Asking questions of the Raven Man. He will respond truthfully.

Step 7:

Once you are finished you must thank the Raven Man. Then, extinguish each candle while reciting: “I release you now, Raven Man.” You should be careful to extinguish each of your five candles without actually blowing it out.

Step 8:

Now clean up your salt circle, but retain the salt. This should be used to make a protective line in front of any entrance into your house, thus offering protection from the Raven Man returning. Remember to also keep your protective item on your person for the next week to prevent the Raven Man calling upon you for his service.

Summoning the Raven Man.
Does the Raven Man summoning ritual really work?

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