The Red Man Summoning Ritual

The Red Man Summoning Ritual

The Red Man

The Red Man is an elusive and mysterious entity that no one really knows much about. Many have speculated that the Red Man’s origins lie in Japanese folklore, though others are not sure this is the case. Various stories of a so-called Red Man spirit exist around the world. One of these even extends to Paris, France where an entity known as the Red Man was once said to haunt the Tuileries Palace. No one knew too much about this Red Man either, some said he was a spirit, a devil and sometimes even he was even described as a goblin. This entity was rumored to have been a foreteller of death, with many historic figures having claimed to sight this Red Man just before their deaths.

Red Man summoning ritual.
Performing the summoning ritual known as the Red Man.

Whatever the background of the Red Man may be, he is said to be quite easy to summon with a simple ritual. Let’s look at how you can bring the mysterious Red Man to you.

Summoning the Red Man

For this ritual, you will need the following: a quiet dark room, a piece of paper, pen or pencil, scissors, five candles, a lighter or matches, two mirrors and a red lipstick.

Step 1:

Gather your supplies and enter your room. Ensure the room is completely dark. For this reason, it is easiest to play at night.

Red Man paranormal game.
Gathering the supplies to play the Red Man paranormal game.

Step 2:

Using your scissors, cut out a man-shaped figure from your piece of paper.

Step 3:

Draw a line directly down the center of the cutout man. Then, write your name on the man’s left-hand side and the word “Rubeus” (meaning red in Latin) on the man’s right-hand side. You should also draw a pair of eyes onto one of the mirrors using your red lipstick.

Summoning ritual.
Preparing the paper man to summon the entity.

Step 4:

Position both your mirrors so they are standing up and facing each other. You should have the mirror with the eyes on it positioned on the left and leave at least half a meter of space in between the mirrors. Place your paper man in the middle of these mirrors with the names written on him facing upwards. Now surround him with your five candles, placing one at his head and each of his limbs.

Step 5:

Now, turn off the lights and proceed to light each candle one at a time. They should be lit in the following order: starting with the candle at the man’s left leg, then head, right leg, left arm and finally his right arm. Once each of the candles is lit, take your scissors and cut the man’s body in half, following the line down his middle you had previously drawn. You should then move the left side of the man’s body closer to the left mirror and the right side closer to the right mirror. Be careful not to remove the paper body outside of the candle circle at any time during this process.

Summoning the Red Man.
Performing the ritual to summon the Red Man.

Step 6:

Close your eyes and repeat the following phrase six times: “Please come. Please come. I will not leave until you come.”

Step 7:

Proceed to extinguish each of your candles one at a time. They should be put out in the following order, starting with the man’s head candle, followed by his left leg, right arm, left arm and finally his right leg.

Step 8:

You should have now successfully summoned the Red Man and he may be inside the same room as you. What happens next has not been documented.

Does this summoning paranormal game work?
Does the Red Man ritual really work?


Some people have claimed that summoning the Red Man is dangerous. However, it has not really been established why it is dangerous, who the Red Man is or what he might do once summoned. Never the less, some extra precautions to consider when conducting this ritual are listed below.

  • Once this ritual has commenced it is advised never to stop it partway through.
  • You should take caution not to gaze into the mirror while playing this ritual.
  • You should never allow daylight to make contact with the mirror while playing. This is the main reason it is advised to conduct this ritual at night.
  • This ritual only takes one primary person to work, yet others can be present in the same room. While they take no part in the summoning, they should feel comfortable with the proceedings and the possibility of coming face to face with the Red Man.
  • Once this ritual has been completed, the mirrors used should never be used again and it is advised to get rid of them. The candles and paper man used in the ritual should also be disposed of. It is advised that they be buried far away from where you live and should not be visited again.

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