Red Door Yellow Door: Paranormal Game of the Mind

Red Door Yellow Door: Paranormal Game of the Mind

Red Door Yellow Door

Red Door Yellow Door is a psychological game that borders on having dangerous paranormal results. Also known as Door of the Mind, this game has been around for many years yet recently resurfaced in popularity thanks to viral Tik Tok videos. These videos displayed some players of the game experiencing scary scenarios.

Red Door Yellow Door Game.
Red Door Yellow Door is a popular game that has resurfaced on the internet thanks to Tik Tok.

The game Red Door Yellow Door is extremely easy to play and can be done so with a group of people, making it a popular choice during social gatherings such as slumber parties. But how do you play this game and what are the potential consequences?

How to Play Red Door Yellow Door

Step 1:

Gather your participants. You need a minimum of two people, yet you can play this game with more people present. One person should be allocated the role of the guide and one other person will play the game. Anyone else present will simply be observing.

Step 2:

Find a dark, comfortable room to play. The guide should sit on the floor with their legs crossed. The other player will lay down with their head resting in the lap of the guide, having a cushion or pillow in the guide’s lap my assist with comfort. The person laying down should raise both of their arms straight up into the air and close their eyes, which will remain closed during the duration of the gameplay.

Playing the scary game Red Door Yellow Door
The purpose of the game Red Door Yellow Door is to enter a trance that allows you to explore the inner workings of your mind.

Step 3:

Now the guide should begin to rub the other player’s temples with their fingers in a circular motion. This is used to create a relaxed state and allow that player to enter a trance. Now the guide should begin to continuously repeat “red door, yellow door, any other color door.” Anyone else in the room observing should follow along and also repeat this phrase.

Step 4:

This process is supposedly something that can induce a trance state allowing the participant to enter their own mind and explore its inner workings, though there are said to be some dangers involved in doing this. If successful, the participant should be able to visualize themselves somewhere, such as a room, and may be able to see doors around them. If they enter this state they should lower their arms to alert the others in the room of the chant’s success. This will prompt them to stop repeating the phrase from the previous step.

Trance state during a paranormal game.
Entering a trance during Red Door Yellow Door.

Step 5:

At this point, if the game has worked the guide should begin to ask questions to the participant. They will want to question them about their surroundings, where they are, what it looks like, how it makes them feel. They should also prompt activity from the participant, such as telling them which doors to go through, etc. It is in the best interest of everyone that the participant follows and responds to all of the guide’s questions.

Warnings When Playing

Some have claimed that there are potential dangers of playing the game Red Door Yellow Door, with players supposedly encountering evil within their own minds. It should be noted that the participant can be pulled out of their trance at any time by the guide simply by shaking them awake. This should be done so at any time where suspected danger is present.

Some notes to keep in mind:

  • Do not trust or interact with any person or other entity present within your trance state. Some have claimed to see dark figures or men in suits. Supposedly encountering these people could bring danger to you and you should avoid them at all costs. It is best to end the game if you encounter these entities.
  • You are free to move around the room or area you end up within, but it is always best to avoid anything you don’t feel right about and always listen to your guide.
  • Clocks within the game are very bad and should be avoided. It is thought that a clock could permanently trap you within your trance.
  • Cut the game short and wake up the participant at any stage if you feel the game is taking a dark turn. It is said if you die while in a trance state, you will die in real life.
Red Door Yellow Door game.
Would you dare to play this scary game?

While this game sounds scary, it is likely just a game passed around through all corners of the internet and used to invoke fear in young audiences. This game likely holds no real danger to anyone, yet if you are scared in any way, do not proceed to play.

Thanks for reading! You might find interest in other paranormal games I have written about such as Hide and Seek Alone and Bloody Mary.

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