Sydney’s Haunted Quarantine Station: Ghosts of Q Station

Sydney’s Haunted Quarantine Station: Ghosts of Q Station

The Sydney Quarantine Station

To this day one of the best views along Sydney’s coastline resides at its old Quarantine Station, today known simply as Q Station. This view was quite literally one that many people died for. The harsh history engrained in the many buildings that encompass Q Station have allowed it to gain infamy and earn the title of being the most haunted place in Sydney.

Q Station disinfectant chamber.
Disinfectant chamber where steam killed germs on belongings of those quarantined at the Q Station.

The Q Station is situated on the North Head of Sydney and dates back to the early 1800s. It was built as a way to keep those already residing in Australia safe by containing the spread of disease from immigrants. The station was operational right through until the 1980s and remains today as an important omen, preserving Australia’s past.

Death at the Sydney Quarantine Station

During its operational years, many people died at the Sydney Quarantine Station. Numbers show that at least 600 out of the 26,000 to have passed through Q Station’s walls perished. However, this number is thought to be much lower than the true death toll, given that many of the earlier deaths weren’t properly documented.

Q Station morgue.
Part of the mortuary at the Sydney Quarantine Station.

For many, the Q Station was a place where their final moments were lived out in pain. Just some of the deadly diseases that were responsible for so many deaths at the Quarantine Station include the Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever and Spanish Influenza.

Haunted residence at Q Station, Sydney, Australia.
One of the haunted residences at the Sydney Q Station.

Immigrants arriving at the shores of Australia via ship would have to remain at the Quarantine Station for at least 40 days upon arrival That is if even just one person aboard showed signs of illness. Those arriving in first class were looked after with private accommodations, whilst the vast majority did things a little rougher.  Most would be subjected to sleeping in dormitories that held up to 60 people and greatly heightened their chances of contracting diseases.

Nurse uniform in hospital of Q Station.
Old Nursing uniform on display in the hospital.

Given the rich history and close ties to death that Sydney’s Q Station possesses, it comes as no surprise to learn that there are many spirits trapped within its confines.

Quarantine Station's Hospital.
Real hospital beds lined up inside the Quarantine Station’s Hospital.

Ghosts of the Q Station

Many ghosts are thought to exist at the Sydney Q Station. These have been heard, sighted and even captured in photographs by staff, visitors and particularly those who participate in the Q Stations nightly ghost tours.

Nurses quarters where a demonic presence exists.
Former nurses quarters rumored to be haunted by a demon.

One of the most haunted places in the Q Station is that of a shower block. This was a place that those who were quarantined were initially brought for chemical showers that killed lice, germs and caused the person’s skin to peel a few days later. Here, there have been many apparitions seen and captured in photographs. These apparitions include children, a man wearing a fedora hat and a blood-soaked woman wearing a white gown. Often times these ghostly figures will peep over the top of the shower cubicles curiously at visitors, while other times visitors may just feel the sensations of being watched or sudden onsets of nausea.

Haunted Shower Block at Sydney Quarantine Station.
Walking through the old first class shower block. Said to be one of the most haunted places at Q Station.

Another area of interest within the Q Station is the hospital and nurses’ quarters. This is where spirits of doctors, nurses and one ghost who seems to still run this area, affectionately known as Matron reside.

Haunted hospital of Sydney Quarantine Station.
Inside Q Station’s former hospital. Said to be one of the more active rooms for paranormal activity.

An array of other spirits are also said to be sprawled across the many buildings that make up the Q Station. There is a well-dressed mortician, a very sweet Chinese man, a large disfigured man, multiple children and even a demonic presence.

Q Station laundry room.
Former laundry at the Q Station said to also be haunted.

Visiting Sydney’s Q Station

History and spooky stories await you at every turn within Sydney’s Q Station. I highly recommend visits to this location if you are interested in the paranormal. The Q Station run nightly ghost tours and other more in-depth events that allow you to investigate the most haunted buildings and areas of the premises. If you are particularly daring, the Q Station also holds overnight events. Make sure to check out their website ahead of time to plan accordingly.

Haunted Sydney Q Station.
Exploring all the paranormal claims of Sydney’s most haunted place.

If you are interested in other haunted places in Australia, I recommend checking out Adelaide’s haunted Z Ward for the criminally insane.

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