The Taj Mahal: 5 Creepy, Dark Stories

The Taj Mahal: 5 Creepy, Dark Stories

The Taj Mahal

Most people view the Taj Mahal as an epic symbol of true love, though there are a number of grim and mysterious tales about the magnificent landmark that may make you view the Taj Mahal in a darker light.

Taj Mahal creepy stories.
The Taj Mahal is far creepier than it first appears.

The Taj Mahal dates back to 1632, lies in the Indian city of Agra and is today recognized as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It was commissioned to be built by the then emperor, Shah Jahan, after his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, passed away. Mumtaz died during the birth of the couple’s 14th child and this is said to have been something that affected the Emporer greatly. Therefore, his work to build the Taj Mahal in order to commemorate his wife commenced.

5. A Mausoleum for Power or Love?

While the Taj Mahal is often cited as a symbol of true love, others believe the mausoleum, which holds the bodies of the emperor and his wife, is more likely a show of power. There’s little doubt that the Taj Mahal would be ranked amongst the most beautiful burial places in the world, with few others comparing to its grandiosity and beauty. The entire grounds of the Taj Mahal are impeccably maintained and completely symmetrical, also housing various optical illusions. So, many have questioned the reason for this epic design and structure, was it truly for love or was it a major flex of the Emporer’s power? The next story might give some more clues towards this.

Taj Mahal in India.
The epic sight of India’s Taj Mahal.

4. Murder and the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is an incredible feat of architecture, art and workmanship. The structure took years of work to complete and it’s estimated that around 22,000 workers, as well as a number of animals, had a part in the building’s construction. With so many individuals involved, this makes our next dark story about the Taj Mahal even more disturbing.

This is a disturbing place.
Some of the stories associated with this New Seven Wonder of the World are pretty disturbing.

It is claimed that Shah Jahan took much pride in the construction of the Tah Mahal, which is understandable. However, he truly wanted the mausoleum to be untouchable in terms of grandiosity. To ensure his tribute to his late wife remained unmatched as the most impressive building in India, the Emporer supposedly murdered or tortured many of the artists and skilled workers who built the Taj Mahal. Supposedly, thousands of people were killed or disfigured in ways that ensured they could not work on any other building. This allegedly saw many of their hands cut off and eyes gouged out.

Design detail on the Taj Mahal.
Intricate design work covering the entire building.

Although no historical documentation of these disturbing events exists, it is one of the most prevalent stories told about the Taj Mahal, being passed down throughout generations.

3. Hidden Tunnels

Another prevalent rumor about the Taj is that it holds a series of mysterious and hidden tunnels. This seems completely plausible, as the actual tombs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal are located in a hidden room, underneath where their coffins are publicly displayed. Some have suggested that these secret tunnels are hidden from the public due to the Government and many conspiracy theories as to why have swirled. While there is no concrete proof of this, it seems likely that secret tunnels may exist, however, they could simply be blocked off to the public due to fragility and safety reasons.

Mysteries of the Taj Mahal, India.
Are their tunnels hidden beneath the Taj Mahal.

2. A Dark Replica

One of the most interesting Taj Mahal rumors to pop up throughout history was the construction of a black Taj Mahal replica. These rumors gripped public interest after a European man, who had visited Agra in the 1600s and spoken to the Emporer, released some of his writings which mentioned plans for a black replica of the Taj Mahal to be built across the river from the white Taj we all know today. Further reinforcing this rumor were apparent remnants of black marble found across the river, leading many to believe that construction of this black colored landmark had likely started at one point in time.

The black Taj Mahal.
Was a black marble Taj Mahal actually planned?

Unfortunately, it was later discovered that the black marble found was actually white marble that had been terribly discolored. It is also thought that there was a misunderstanding of what the Emperor had conveyed about the black Taj Mahal and it is more likely his words were in reference to the shadow of the actual Taj Mahal in the river.

1. Supernatural Events at the Taj Mahal

While there are no obvious ghost stories currently circulated about the Taj Mahal, some claim a very peculiar supernatural event commonly takes place at the site. Within and all throughout the grounds of the Taj Mahal are many ornate decorations. One wall features a carving of the likeness of the entire building and is of significance to this story. It is rumored that punching this picture where the finial stands atop the building’s highest dome, will bring forth water. It’s unclear as to where or how this water is brought about but supposedly many visitors are reported to engage in this act of vandalism. Workers at the site will apparently often report damage to this part of the building and find broken bangles on the floor near where people have hit the carving.

Supernatural events at the Taj Mahal.
The Taj Mahal is not said to be haunted, but some weird things do happen there.

Visiting the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is an amazing sight that no one making their way to India should miss. Tickets can be purchased at the gate and large crowds should be expected. Plenty of photo opportunities exist all around the grounds, though patience to get your perfect shot is key.

Taj Mahal India.
Exploring one of the most popular sites in India, the Taj Mahal.

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