Uley Road Cemetery: Ghosts and Dark Rituals in South Australia

Uley Road Cemetery: Ghosts and Dark Rituals in South Australia

Uley Road Cemetery

Uley Road Cemetery is a small and weathered place of burial that has a long and interesting history. Many of the tombstones have been broken, bent or cracked and the original chapel that once stood nearby no longer exists. The small cemetery, however, remains a still and calm area for those at rest. Yet, there are some who believe the cemetery is haunted and a place where dark entities may dwell.

Haunted graveyard in South Australia, Uley Road cemetery.
Some of the shattered graves present at the supposedly haunted Uley Road Cemetery in South Australia.

In 1859 the Uley Road Cemetery was created after a man named Moses Bendle Garlick passed away. Garlick had become a prominent figure in the area of Uleybury, which he had named after his previous home back in England. He contributed to the community greatly by building a schoolhouse and chapel. So, upon his death, it was decided he should rest beside his chapel and Uley Road Cemetery was born.

View from the air of haunted Uley Road Cemetery.
Aerial view of the Uley Road Cemetery.

Hauntings of Uley Road Cemetery

Rumors about Uley Road Cemetery have circulated the area for a long time. They began after the old chapel that once stood nearby became a sort of hang-out spot during the 1970s. Sadly, the chapel suffered a great deal of vandalism and it was said that dark rituals were taking place within the once holy space. This lead to the demolition of the chapel in 1981. After this, the rituals and vandalism were said to have spilled out into the cemetery before eventually ceasing.

Graves at the Uley Road Cemetery.
Graves fenced off with iron borders.

Later, strange formations that appeared to be almost symbolic, made from the stone left behind from the chapel, started to appear within the cemetery. No one quite knew who had been creating these mysterious rock formations and this lead to further rumors of more dark rituals being performed in the space. There is little evidence to suggest that these symbols were truly dark or Satanic in nature, especially since some have claimed this to have been a practical joke. However, many believe that darkness has been summoned to the cemetery and perhaps brought along some paranormal energy with it.

Uley Road Cemetery South Australia.
Another shot of the cemetery. Rocks piled in the background are from the old chapel.

Many who have visited the Uley Road Cemetery claim to have encountered dark shadow persons or even have small rocks thrown at them by something unseen. Personally, I am not sure that anything negative in the area lingers, yet more traditional hauntings may be present.

Broken tombs stone.
Sad to see the deterioration of some of these beautiful tombstones.

Visiting the Haunted Uley Road Cemetery

The Uley Road Cemetery is a fascinating glimpse of the past and a beautiful and serene place. Although others claim there is a negative atmosphere and feel in the space, this is not something that I experienced.

Graveyard at night.
More of the graves by night.

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  • Teresa Queen

    Posted by Teresa Queen on September 23, 2020

    Thank you so much Amy, for allowing us to experience your investigations and explorations! I love to watch you and Jared, and Mom as you travel. Your honesty is refreshing…Again, thank you for taking us along…TresAnn✌🙂


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      Thank you so much Teresa, it is much appreciated.

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    I installed ghost tube, went to “George”. Words I got were:- innocent, table, okay (x2) and “five” . Nothing really made too much sense though. Hmm maybe “George” could become a local celebrity?


      Posted by Amy on June 4, 2021

      Hi Aidan! That is so cool to know you paid George a visit and even used Ghosttube! Thanks for sharing.

  • Aidan

    Posted by Aidan on June 5, 2021

    Spoke to a bloke in his late 50’s who
    Lives in the area and always has.
    He said he was a kid when the church was up there and he and his mates rode bikes up there only to be chased away by robed figures with weapons. It was known as a”no go” zone after dark in the 80’s. The occultists got a kick out of blaspheming and desecrating the original holy church. Apparently Anstey hill was like that too?

    One a guy told me he was doing graffiti there only to witness a ritual going on where they’d chuck kangaroo corpses off the cliff by the ruins.then they’d need to hide from the “mad monks”.

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