Baby Blue: A Dangerous Paranormal Ritual

Baby Blue: A Dangerous Paranormal Ritual

Baby Blue Urban Legend

Baby Blue is a mirror ritual turned urban legend involving a horrific story. It sees anyone willing to play summon the ghost of a baby with potentially dangerous consequences. The exact origins of this game remain unclear, yet some have drawn a connection between this ritual and that of Bloody Mary. It is speculated that Baby Blue could actually be the child of Bloody Mary since one version of her summoning ritual has participants repeat “Bloody Mary, I killed your baby.” Further speculations state that the woman who is said to appear in the mirror whilst playing Baby Blue could be Mary herself.

Adding some weight to this ritual is an urban legend describing the death of a girl named Laura. While the validity of this story is likely fabricated, it remains a chilling reminder of how dangerous games like this could be. Supposedly, a group of young girls had discovered the legend of Baby Blue and one person in this friend group, Laura, put this ritual to the test. She locked herself in a bathroom, performed the ritual and saw something in the mirror. This caused her to scream. Her terrified friends were unable to come to her rescue since the bathroom she was within had been locked. Instead, they ran to another house to get help. Sadly, when they returned and broke through the bathroom door, Laura was found lifeless on the floor. Appearing to have had her eyes scratched out. She was also unable to be moved as there seemed to be an invisible weight atop of her, pinning her body to the floor.

How to play

Step 1:

This ritual requires a bathroom containing a toilet, mirror and lock on the door. Enter this room at night, making sure to lock the door behind you and turn off the light.

Playing Baby Blue.
Entering the space where Baby Blue will be played.

Step 2:

Position yourself so you are staring into the mirror. Now, arc both of your arms as though you are holding a baby. You should now rock your arms back and forth in a cradling motion.

Step 3:

Whilst continuing to rock your arms repeat the phrase: “Blue baby, baby blue,” thirteen times in a row.

Rocking an invisible ghost baby.
Cradling an invisible ghost baby.

Step 4:

Continue to rock your arms and remain vigilant towards what you are feeling. At this point, you might start to feel as though an invisible weight is filling your arms. This weight may increase and grow heavier each time your arms swing.

Playing Baby Blue looking out for Bloody Mary.
Staring into the mirror hoping to capture a glimpse of the infamous Bloody Mary.

Step 5:

If at any time you begin to feel scratches form across your arms, you should immediately proceed to end the game. Otherwise, you should end the game once the weight starts to feel too great.

Step 6:

To end the game, you must drop the weight you are carrying in your arms into the toilet. Then, immediately flush the toilet, turn on the lights, unlock the door and leave the bathroom. Failure to end the game properly or in time may be dangerous.

Flushing Baby Blue down the toilet.
Ending the game by flushing the baby.


Although this ritual was likely created as a scary slumber party game, care should always be taken when reaching out to the other side.

  • Ensure “blue baby, baby blue” is repeated a total of 13 times without making a mistake.
  • Do not hold the weight for too long, make sure to flush the toilet and exit the bathroom as quickly as possible.
  • Failure to follow any of these instructions may lead to a  woman appearing in the mirror demanding you give her baby back. She is even said to scream, which will shatter the mirror.

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    Im a spiritually sensitive person, dont try this game or any game like it.

  • Em

    Posted by Em on March 12, 2023

    Do you know what happens if someone were to drop the baby?


      Posted by Amy on March 13, 2023

      I actually am not sure sorry, but I’m sure Baby Blue’s mother wouldn’t be too pleased.

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