Haunted Teacher’s Camp of Baguio in the Philippines

Haunted Teacher’s Camp of Baguio in the Philippines

Teacher’s Camp

Many people consider Baguio’s Teacher’s Camp to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. This is an interesting claim as the purpose of this location seems greatly disconnected from anything remotely spooky. Teacher’s Camp is today a place where religious retreats, sporting events and gatherings for educational lectures assemble. The camp provides affordable accommodation for those who attend these events and has done so since 1908, when the camp was opened as a training site for teachers from the USA.

Haunted Teacher's Camp.
One of the many buildings that make up the campus of Baguio’s haunted Teacher’s Camp.

All this aside, it seems like the land on which the Teacher’s Camp was built could be responsible for the location’s hauntings. Long before the Teacher’s Camp was around this very land was occupied by the Igorots, who are the indigenous people of the mountains in the Philippines. There are even rumors that a battle took place in this area long ago. Could this have contributed to the many mysterious ghosts who are said to haunt Baguio’s Teacher’s Camp?

Haunted camp in the Philippines.
Cabins scattered across the hills all throughout the haunted camp.

Ghosts of the Teacher’s Camp

There are a number of spirits said to haunt the Teacher’s Camp, with some of them being especially terrifying. One of the most commonly sighted spirits is a lady in white. She has been seen walking all throughout the Teacher’s Camp, yet no one really knows who she is or why she haunts the area. Another spirit that has been seen all throughout the camp is that of a headless priest. He is just as mysterious as the white lady, yet a little more disturbing considering he is seen without a head.

Haunted Teacher's Camp in the Philippines.
A full map of the Teacher’s Camp, one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

One of the most feared spirits of the Teacher’s Camp is known as the Love Sick Igorot. This ghost supposedly follows any young female he takes a liking to within the Teacher’s Camp. Women have reported that this spirit has followed them back to the cabins they are staying in at the camp and will creepily watch them sleep. It is believed that the reason why this spirit follows these women is that he is lonely, hence his nickname the Love Sick Igorot.

Haunted place in Baguio.
The White Hall at one of the most haunted places in Baguio.

One final spirit exists at the Teacher’s Camp, who is perhaps the scariest of them all. Countless people who have spent the night at the camp have reported waking in their beds at 3 am only to find a blood-soaked woman watching over them. No one knows the origins of this lady, yet her appearance has disturbed many.

Haunted Teacher's Camp.
Undercover walkways cutting through the haunted Teacher’s Camp.

In addition to the encounters with these spirits, many more reports of paranormal experiences exist. People commonly report to hear a woman crying late at night, other disembodied voices, they’ve also experienced possession, poltergeist activity and even sleepwalking.

Haunted Teacher's Camp in Baguio, Philippines.
The main building at the haunted Teacher’s Camp.

Visiting the Haunted Teacher’s Camp

The Teacher’s Camp is open daily. To stay at the camp you will need to book in with the front office and individuals who are looking to spend the night are free to do so if there are no events running and thus availability.

Visiting the Teacher's Camp, Baguio.
Visiting and spending the night inside one of the most haunted places in Baguio, the notorious Teacher’s Camp.

If you are interested in learning more about haunted places in Baguio, I highly recommend checking out the Laperal White House, which is located just behind the Teacher’s Camp.

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