Baguio’s Most Haunted Places

Baguio’s Most Haunted Places

Haunted Baguio, Philippines

Baguio is known as being the Summer capital of the Philippines. It’s cooler climate and being situated in the mountains is a drawcard to countless tourists who flock there to retreat from the severe heat of the Philippines. Though Baguio is popular amongst the living, it seems its dark history has also ensured it is a popular destination for the dead. Many people claim Baguio to be the most haunted city in the Philippines. Here are where you can find the most haunted locations in Baguio.

4. Japanese Tunnel

One of the most haunted places in Baguio exists in the city’s Botanical Gardens. The Japanese Tunnel is hidden away and rarely visited, yet many who have braved venturing into the underground tunnel have claimed to encounter the paranormal. This tunnel was built by the Japanese military during WWII and was intended to be used strategically to hit the many US citizens who were residing in Baguio. Much weaponry and ammunition were stored in the tunnel and plans for an attack were made.

Japanese Tunnel in Baguio Botanical park.
The haunted Japanese Tunnel in Baguio.

News of this secret tunnel leaked to the Americans occupying Baguio and they made the first move. The tunnel was bombed, subsequently trapping hundreds of Japanese soldiers within. Supposedly, the tunnel became a tomb for these soldiers, after mass suicide and cannabilism ensued. Since the tunnels were re-opened, many people have claimed to sight apparitions, be touched, hear unexplained sounds or voices and even to be overcome with sudden negative feelings within the tunnel. These occurrences are believed to be linked to the many spirits now trapped within the tunnel.

Baguio haunted tunnel.
Entrance to the scary Japanese Tunnel.

3. Teacher’s Camp

Another of the most haunted places in Baguio is known as the Teacher’s Camp. This location was built in 1908 when it was opened specifically as a training site for teachers from the USA. Over the years many people have reported encountering spirits while walking through the camp or spending the night in the many cabins that exist on the campus. Some of the most commonly sighted spirits at the Teacher’s Camp are that of a headless priest and a white lady. The origins of these spirits remains unknown.

Haunted Teacher's Camp, Philippines.
The Teacher’s Camp is said to be one of the most haunted places in Baguio.

Another of the more popular spirits at the Teacher’s Camp has been nicknamed the Love Sick Igorot. He is said to be so lonely that he will follow women within the camp that he takes a liking to. Sometimes, he has even been seen within cabins watching these unfortunate women as they sleep. Another spirit has also been sighted within these rooms, watching camp stayers while they sleep. This spirit is perhaps even more sinister than the Love Sick Igorot as she is completely soaked in blood. Again, the origins of these spirits remain a mystery, yet many people still claim the Teacher’s Camo to be an extremely haunted place.

Haunted cabins ta Teacher's Camp.
Ghosts are said to wander the cabins at the Teacher’s Camp.

2. Laperal White House

The next location on this list is well known and notorious as being the most haunted house in the entire Philippines. The Laperal White House was built in the 1920s as a Summer holiday home for a very wealthy family. However, for this Laperal family, this home was to be more of a curse than a pleasant place to make a quick getaway.

Haunted Laperal White House Philippines.
The most haunted house in the Philippines.

The Laperal White House was at a time occupied by the Japanese Special Police during WWII. This is rumored to have led to a lot of torture and executions within the house. Following the war, the Laperal family also saw many of their own die within the home. One of the most tragic deaths related to the family was that of their 3-year-old daughter. She was hit by a car in front of the home while being supervised by a nanny. This was something that also affected the nanny psychologically and she later took her own life within the home too.

Baguio's most haunted house.
The extremely haunted Laperal White House.

A number of other Laperal’s also died within the home and are now rumored to still remain there in the afterlife. Plenty of people have claimed to encounter these spirits and sometimes even have violent interactions with them, even being scratched.

1. Old Diplomat Hotel

The most haunted place in Baguio is undoubtedly the Old Diplomat Hotel. This structure was erected back in 1913 as the Dominican Hill Retreat House. It was a place for local friars and nuns to live but would later turn into a very dark location. Like many of the other haunted locations in Baguio, this place was also seized by the Japanese during WWII. During this time, it became a place of torture, rape and murder with many of the priests, nuns and allegedly even babies falling victim. After the war, the hotel was abandoned before becoming a hotel where a fake healer drew many terminally ill people to stay.

Haunted Old Diplomat Hotel.
The most haunted place in Baguio, the Old Diplomat Hotel.

Countless people are now claimed to haunt the Old Diplomat Hotel. Most famously are the nuns and priests who are commonly reported to be sighted without faces or even heads. The spirits of children, babies, Japanese soldiers and victims of the fake healer are also rumored to exist within the empty, historic building. Their apparitions are commonly sighted by visitors and it is not uncommon for those who enter the building to hear the disembodied sounds of screams of those from the past still suffering.

Baguio, Old Diplomat Hotel.
One of the iconic water fountains inside of the haunted Old Diplomat Hotel.

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