The Haunted Adelaide Zoo

The Haunted Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo

Not only is the Adelaide Zoo one of South Australia’s most beloved tourist attractions, but it is also an important institution for local education and the conservation of wildlife. The Zoo first opened its doors in 1883 and has housed many native and exotic animals since.

Giraffe at the Adelaide Zoo.
A curious giraffe peeking out as we move through the zoo at dusk.

Recently, the Adelaide Zoo became of interest to the paranormal community when Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons began to conduct dark history tours, which featured some tales of potential hauntings. It seems that the zoo may keep a few ghosts in addition to the many animals who live there today.

Historic structures at the zoo.
Walking through the Adelaide Zoo reveals plenty of historic structures as well as exotic animals.

Ghosts of the Adelaide Zoo

Over the years a few paranormal stories have emerged from the Adelaide Zoo. One of the areas of the Zoo where such stories have emanated is the Minchin House. This was a place where the original directors of the zoo and their families lived and it seems that some members of the Minchin family may still be present at the home.

The Minchin House, home to the zoo’s original directors, is rumored to contain some paranormal activity.

Today, the Minchin House is used as office space and at least one staff member has reported to sight a woman in Victorian-style clothing at the top of the stairs. In addition to this, footsteps have been heard in the empty house, a lock is known to rattle on its own accord and an EVP of a child’s voice has been captured on the former home’s staircase.

Haunted Minchin House, Adelaide Zoo.
Standing on the Minchin House’s staircase where some have claimed to have paranormal experiences.

Surprisingly, another area of the zoo where activity has been documented is its nocturnal house. This unsuspecting place is said to be haunted by a mystery figure who many have seen and even mistaken for a keeper tending to the animals. In addition to these sightings, disembodied footsteps and doors slamming in the area have also been reported.

Haunted Nocturnal House Adelaide Zoo.
Standing outside the Nocturnal House at dusk.

Visiting the Haunted Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo is an amazing place to learn about and experience unique wildlife while supporting the zoo’s own conservation efforts. They are open daily and dark history tours through the zoo at night can be booked through Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, who also conduct paranormal investigations at the zoo.

Nocturnal House at Adelaide Zoo.
Inside the Zoo’s Nocturnal House where some have sighted a figure.

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