Haunted Grand Lodge of the Freemasons, Adelaide

Haunted Grand Lodge of the Freemasons, Adelaide

The Grand Lodge of the Freemasons, Adelaide

The Freemasons have existed in Adelaide for years. Many pass by their Grand Lodge without taking much notice of the building, yet it is a place of great history. It has stood along North Terrace since the 1920s, being constructed between 1924 and 1927. It was originally built to replace another lodge in the city that dated back to 1869. The building has seen many uses. From housing Government officials, to acting as a temporary hospital during times of war and has even been occupied by the University of Adelaide until recent times. It has, however, always been a place for the Freemasons to conduct their rituals and work in the community.

Grand Lodge of the Freemasons building Adelaide, South Australia.
View of the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons exterior in Adelaide.

Though there have been no documented deaths within the building, many accounts of paranormal experiences have been reported to happen at the Grand Lodge. Some have been linked to historic figures related to the building, while others remain a little more mysterious.

Ritual room of the Freemasons.
One of the ritual rooms inside the Grand Lodge.

Haunting of the Grand Lodge

One of the more active and best-known ghosts of the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons is that of Thomas Fax. His spirit is an interesting one considering he passed away in 1884, many years before this Grand Lodge had even begun construction. Some have speculated that his ghost could have made its way to the Grand Lodge along with a portrait of Fax. This same portrait is also why Fax received identification. Some who had claimed to see an older man in period clothing making his way around the building had then pointed out who they saw was in fact the man displayed in his portrait.

Haunted Thomas Fax portrait.
Portrait of Thomas Fax. Believed to be linked to his ghost.

Thomas has been seen all throughout the building, from the basement to the fourth floor. He is considered harmless and more of a prankster, seeming to appear when it is least expected. Some visitors to the building have even seen him making his way up a stairwell that was removed decades earlier.

Ghosts of the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons.
The haunted Grand Lodge of the Freemasons.

The Grand Hall is another place where a decent amount of paranormal activity has been reported. Many have sighted a number of apparitions standing upon the balcony out of their peripheral vision. These spirits always seem to disappear when they are looked at directly. There have even been some strange light anomalies seen around the Grand Hall.

grand hall where ghosts have been seen.
Looking down at the grand hall from its balcony where spirits have been sighted.

Other reports of a lady in white have been made. She has often been sighted passing along the walkways surrounding the entrance lobby and it remains a mystery as to why she is there. Unexplainable activity surrounding the building’s elevators is also common. The lifts seem to have a mind of their own, moving around floors, whether they are called for or not. Security cameras that were once set to monitor the building also documented this activity and would even sometimes attempt to map a person’s face in the footage, despite no one being present. Finally, the Glover room, which leads directly to a Ritual Room in the building has also been a source for activity. Here, people have heard knocks on the door when no one is present and objects tend to be moved around without explanation.

Haunted Glover Room in Grand Lodge of the Freemasons.
The Glover Room where paranormal activity has been reported.

Visiting the Grand Lodge

Many do not realize that the Grand Lodge is accessible to the public. It contains a library, museum and history tours are run throughout the building. A newly renovated and opened café now even exists in the building’s basement, which is open to the public daily. The Grand Lodge is well worth a visit and is one way to learn more about the Freemasons, who have long been cloaked in mystery. Check the Freemasons website for more information about the building, visiting and the Freemasons or their charity work.

Haunted Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in Adelaide.
Looking for the ghosts of the Grand Lodge.

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