Ghosts of the Burton Pioneer Cemetery, South Australia

Ghosts of the Burton Pioneer Cemetery, South Australia

The Burton Pioneer Cemetery, South Australia

The Burton Pioneer Cemetery is a rather unremarkable site at first glance. It does, however, contain a vast amount of history and many graves of the early pioneers to the area.

Haunted Burton Pioneer Cemetery, South Australia.
A full moon illuminating the haunted Burton Pioneer Cemetery.

Back in 1857, a Methodist chapel was built on the grounds. The first burial in what would become a small cemetery, occurred shortly after in 1866 when young George Diment was laid to rest after just one year of life. Further burials continued to be added to the neat graveyard, even as recently as the 1970s.

The chapel standing over these graves would soon be repurposed as use as a school in the 1860s but was sadly later demolished, and no longer stands at the site.

Ghosts of the Burton Pioneer Cemetery

The Burton Pioneer Cemetery is not a well-known haunted location, though that hasn’t stopped it from accumulating a ghost story. The small cemetery is today, surrounded by residential housing. Some of those who live just across the street from the burial place claim to have witnessed some strange activity within it late at night.

Haunted cemetery in South Australia.
Tombstones in the darkness of the haunted cemetery.

Supposedly, some living in the area have witnessed young children playing in the cemetery after dark. These children don’t appear to be from modern times, clearly sporting old-fashioned clothes and oftentimes, disappearing into thin air.

Haunted Burton Pioneer Cemetery, South Australia.
Iron fences protecting the aging headstones that scatter the Burton Pioneer Cemetery.

These sightings seem plausible, considering that the cemetery holds a number of child’s graves. Yet, also since the chapel, which once graced the area, also functioned as a school. It remains uncertain as to whether this historic place of rest is haunted by intelligent spirits or perhaps holds residual energy.

Visiting the Burton Pioneer Cemetery

The Burton Pioneer Cemetery is an interesting place to visit. It is a neat, well-maintained cemetery, though some obvious signs of deterioration are present on many of the gravestones. A small car park and gate allow for easy access to the site, which can be noisy due to the nearby main road.

Looking for child spirits in a haunted cemetery.
Looking for the ghosts of children said to haunt this cemetery.

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  • Skye

    Posted by Skye on May 6, 2021

    I loved this episode. You caught some profound paranormal evidence. My fave part was when the tail on the rocking horse moved.

  • Cameron Kocjancic

    Posted by Cameron Kocjancic on September 30, 2021

    Hey Amy I went to this cemitery last night as I heard it was haunted and I stood on the fence line outside the games I was useing your ghost tube app for about 10 mins and the first 7 had nothing come through so I said to my sister in-law that if something comes through now it would be wierd as it was quiet and calm and than no longer than a minute after saying that somethink came through that said “leave here” and to be respectful I left but after that came through the whole energy of the place changed and was getting creepy vibes as if someone was watching us


      Posted by Amy on October 2, 2021

      Hi Cameron! That is awesome, thanks for sharing your experience.

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