Haunted Denbigh Castle, Wales: Dragons, Ghosts and Mystery

Haunted Denbigh Castle, Wales: Dragons, Ghosts and Mystery

Denbigh Castle, Wales

Denbigh Castle is a historic place in the North of Wales, steeped in legend and thought to be extremely haunted. Denbigh Castle and its fortified town walls were built in 1282 following the conquest of Wales by King Edward I. Today the crumbling stone structure still exists and modern properties line the perimeter of its town wall.

Spooky scenes at Denbigh Castle in Wales.
Looking out over the spooky landscape that Denbigh Castle creates.

Denbigh Castle is the scene of many ghost stories that continue to be told, prevailing to this day.

Goblin Tower at Denbigh Castle.
The Goblin Tower. Thought to be the most haunted area of Denbigh Castle.

Haunted Denbigh Castle

Legend states that Denbigh Castle is haunted by a dragon, which was killed on site. It is told that a dragon slayer with eight fingers on each hand managed to finally slay the beast after many people had failed to complete the hazardous task.

Denbigh Castle, haunted ruins.
Ruins of a haunted castle in North Wales.

Stories about fantastical beasts aside, many more human-esque ghosts are thought to haunt the area, particularly that of the infamous Goblin Tower. This looming, dark and dank tower sits along the perimeter of the medieval town wall. It contains a deep and ominous well, which centers heavily in the Goblin Tower’s first ghost story. It is told that many years ago an unfortunate woman who peered over the well’s wall with curiosity, lost grip of her small baby. The baby plummeted meters into the well and not surprisingly, didn’t survive the impact of hitting its bottom. To this day, many report hearing the sounds of a woman’s wails and cries coming from the empty Goblin Tower. It is speculated that this distraught woman has continued to grieve whilst searching for her lost child in the afterlife.

Ruins of Denbigh Castle are haunted.
Exploring the ruins left behind by Denbigh Castle.

Another untimely death occurred within the confines of the Goblin Tower. Ghost stories state that the young son of Denbigh Castle’s builder fell to his death within the Goblin Tower. Some versions of his story state that his death was accidental, as he was working alongside his father on tall scaffolding. Whilst another delves into a forbidden affair the young man was said to have had with the landowner’s daughter. It is speculated his death may not have been accidental. To this day, many people have claimed to sight a young man’s face peering sadly out of the stone windows that frame the grey Goblin Tower.

Haunted Goblin Tower well at Denbigh Castle and walls.
Looking over the Goblin Tower’s floor, the well can be seen in the far corner.

Perhaps the most famed of the Denbigh Castle Goblin Tower’s ghosts is that of a white lady. Her identity and back story remain a mystery, yet many claim to have caught sight of her. She is commonly seen gliding smoothly through the Goblin Tower and along pathways which link up to the tower. Always described as moving effortlessly with a glowing white aura surrounding her, which accentuates her already flowing white dress.

Northern Wales Denbigh Castle.
Staircase leading into the main body of Denbigh Castle in the North of Wales.

Though majority of the ghost stories center around the Goblin Tower, there have been claims of paranormal activity occurring within Denbigh Castle. Shadow figures, disembodied voices, light anomalies and sudden temperature drops are all said to have occurred within the property.

Denbigh Castle ghosts.
Crumbling ruins of Denbigh Castle haunted by multiple ghosts.

It is no wonder why Denbigh Castle is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Wales.

Goblin Tower at Denbigh Castle.
Looking at the infamous Goblin Tower, part of Denbigh Castle.

Visiting Denbigh Castle

Denbigh Castle is a great location to visit when in the North of Wales. It is a picturesque site that manages to convey its own interesting history well to visitors.

Well inside haunted Goblin Tower at Denbigh Castle.
Looking for ghosts in the bottom of Denbigh Castle’s Goblin Tower well.

Entrance fees are minimal and tours are self-guided. Make sure to check in with reception as you can put down a deposit for a key that opens up Denbigh Castle’s town walls. This is the only way to gain access to and explore the Goblin Tower.

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