Haunted Mansion: Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales

Haunted Mansion: Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales

Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales

Craig Y Nos Castle is claimed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Wales. It has sat in the picturesque countryside, a striking gothic building, since it was built in 1842. Though a beautiful sight to behold, the mansion does have a dark past and one that is riddled with ghostly legend.

Haunted Craig Y Nos Castle in Wales.
The epic facade of Craig Y Nos Castle.

Originally built by Captain Powell, a wartime surgeon, the home was said to be cursed from its beginning. Soon after the mansion was completed, bad luck would befall the captain, who went bankrupt, lost children to disease and eventually lost his own sanity. The building would move through ownership a few times, until it was acquired by its most famous owner, Adelina Patti, the renowned Opera singer from Madrid.

Haunted mansion in Wales, UK.
Windows looking out from one of the most haunted mansions in Wales.

Following Adelina’s passing within the property, the glorious home would be repurposed for use as a Tuberculosis hospital during the 1920s to the 1950s. This led to further death and a number of resident spirits taking up space within the home.

Clock tower at Craig Y Nos Castle.
The iconic clock tower standing over the countryside.

Haunting of the Craig Y Nos Castle

During its lifetime, Craig Y Nos Castle has accumulated a number of ghost stories. Without a doubt the best known and most widely told ghost story is that of Adelina Patti. Adelina passed away within her home in 1919. Her body was held within the salt cellar for two weeks before being embalmed, though this is not where her ghost is said to linger. Since her passing, many have claimed to sight Adelina, hear her singing or even hear piano music within the opera theater she had specially built in the home, so she would have a place to perform for her prestigious guests. Over time, an urban legend has also formed, that by singing or playing Adelina’s song, Home Sweet Home, within the theater, her spirit will be conjured.

Haunted theater of Adelina Patti.
The former opera theater, said to be one of the most haunted rooms in the mansion.

Though the main hall of the theater is the most active. The basement level is also supposedly haunted by a young, 6 year old girl, named Elizabeth. She is a friendly spirit and likely passed away from Tuberculosis. Others have also sighted a male shadow figure in the basement, though his origins are a little more mysterious. He has never spoken to anyone, though often presents himself more as an observer.

Haunted basement beneath the theater.
The basement beneath the theater is also said to be haunted.

Though not haunted by Adelina, the salt cellar is also said to be active with the paranormal. A young boy and girl are said to remain in the mansion’s depths, likely fallen victims to Tuberculosis during the home’s hospital days. They are friendly with visitors and often play with guests, touching their clothing and hair. Another spirit, much darker in nature, also lingers in the cellar. He has been described as a former chef who has a dislike for women in his space. He has been known to hit and push women in one particular corridor of the cellar.

haunted salt cellar.
Stairway leading down into the salt cellar.

One of the most active areas are the upper floors of the mansion, which made up the former Tuberculosis hospital wings. Two men are known to haunt this space. One named John who hanged himself after his mistress was sent away by Adelina Patti, and another named Stan who enjoys tobacco. A former doctor and several playful children are also said to haunt the former children’s ward.

Former tuberculosis hospital in haunted mansion.
One of the rooms within the former Tuberculosis hospital wing.

Visiting the Haunted Craig Y Nos Castle

Craig Y Nos Castle is a stunning location to visit. The building today, is mostly used as a wedding venue and offers up several rooms as accommodation. Occasional ghost hunting and paranormal events are also run at the building too, and are well worth the visit.

Haunted Craig Y Nos Castle in Wales.
Looking for the ghosts of Craig Y Nos Castle.

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