5 Most Haunted Places in Wales

5 Most Haunted Places in Wales

Haunted Wales

Wales encompasses one of the most charming areas of the United Kingdom. Vast, green countryside stretches for miles, while historic buildings are littered across the landscape. Many of these aged buildings are considered to be haunted, which seems appropriate considering the historic events that have played out in Wales. So, here is where you can find the 5 most haunted places in Wales.

5. Candleston Castle

The first of these haunted destinations is a small ruin known as Cadleston Castle. Although the ruin is today crumbling and overgrown, it was once a majestic home dating to the mid-1300s. The fortified manor of Candelston Castle one belonged to the Catilipe family, who many consider being the first family to reside within the premises. The castle was to eventually become abandoned, largely due to the nearby Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes, which rendered the surrounding land unusable. This has left the castle empty since the mid 19th century.

Cadleston Castle haunted place in Wales.
The overgrown ruins of Candleston Castle, one of the most haunted places in Wales.

Since the abandonment of Candleston Castle, ghost stories have been circulated about the empty home and its surrounding woodlands. Perhaps the strangest and most prevalent of these paranormal stories is that about the Goblin Stone, said to be hidden somewhere in the woods surrounding the castle. While no one truly knows where this stone is or where it originated from, many consider it to be connected to the nearby former town of Treganlaw. This town was engulfed by sand dunes in the area, completely disappearing. Many still consider this disappearance to have supernatural causes. Legend has it that those unfortunate enough to stumble across this stone will be forced, by an invisible ghost, to their knees to assume a position of prayer. Their only hope of release is said to be to actually commence praying.

Haunted Candleston Castle.
Crumbling stone walls of one of the most haunted places in Wales.

In addition to this mystical stone, many have reported to sight unexplainable light anomalies as well as shadow figures lurking amongst the castle ruins and surrounding woods.

4. Denbigh Castle

Our next haunted location was built in 1282 in North Wales. Denbigh Castle and its surrounding walls have acted as a stronghold for hundreds of years, even though they are largely ruined today. Despite its condition, Denbigh Castle continues to be the scene of some very spooky ghost stories.

Haunted Denbigh Castle in Wales.
Ruins of the haunted Denbigh Castle.

The most intriguing and unique ghost story of Denbigh Castle is that it is haunted by the spirit of a dragon. Legend has it that a man with eight fingers on each hand slayed this dragon at the castle after many before him had failed. Dragons aside, many consider the Goblin Tower to also be a haunted area of Denbigh Castle. It is told that a woman who accidentally dropped her baby down the tower’s well after curiously peering inside haunts the area. She is thought to be searching for the child she lost many years ago.

Haunted Goblin Tower of Denbigh Castle.
The Goblin Tower, said to be the most haunted part of Denbigh Castle.

Another death that occurred here has also resulted in a haunting. It is told that a young man who had a forbidden love affair with the landowner’s daughter was pushed from a great height while working on the tower. Some tales claim his death to be accidental, yet many believe his death resulted from courting a lady outside his own social status. One final ghost is also said to roam around the Goblin Tower. Many have described her as a white lady from her appearance, yet no one quite knows her origins.

3. Prince of Wales Pub

Our next haunted place in Wales is a historic pub tucked away in the countryside. The Prince of Wales Pub dates back to the 15th century and holds great historical significance to the town of Kenfig. It has been used as a town hall, school, court, mortuary, place of trade and even as a place where dancing festivals were hosted.

Haunted Prince of Wales Pub.
Standing outside of the haunted Prince of Wales Pub at night.

Centuries of energy seem to have been contained within the stone walls of the pub, for it is said to be very haunted. The upstairs hall is supposedly one of the most active places, with landlords reporting constant noise from the area despite it being empty. In addition to these noises, some staff have claimed to sight glowing red eyes peering back at them from an opening in the roof of this large room. Others have claimed to be touched and had their clothing tugged on by unseen entities.

Most haunted part of the Prince of Wales Pub.
The large upstairs hall of the Prince of Wales Pub, one of the most active areas for paranormal activity.

Other paranormal events have been reported throughout the pub. These include the smell of putrid rotting flesh suddenly forming, disembodied voices, sightings of a mysterious elderly lady, unexplained footsteps and poltergeist activity.

2. Margam Castle

Despite being built in more recent times to resemble an actual castle, the land upon which Margam Castle is built holds great historical significance and is one reason why many people consider the former home to be so haunted. Margam Park is known to have been inhabited for at least the past 4000 years and an 11th-century abbey once stood where Margam Castle is now built today.

Stairs in haunted Margam Castle.
The grand staircase of Margam Castle, a place where spirits have been sighted.

Although uninhabited and in slight disrepair, many still feel presences from the past within the walls of this castle. The building’s most famous ghost is that of a man named Robert Scott. Robert was a former gamekeeper at the mansion who was murdered, after being shot by a poacher. This has left his spirit angry and restless, left to haunt the castle and scaring those who enter with intense poltergeist activity. In addition to Robert, a number of children are also thought to haunt the back rooms of the castle, where a former nursery was once present. These child spirits are typically friendly and have been sighted and heard by many visitors. Others have also claimed to encounter dark shadow figures, disembodied voices and unexplainable footsteps throughout the grand old home.

Haunted Margam Castle in Wales.
The upper floors of Margam Castle, one of the most haunted places in Wales.

1. The Skirrid Inn

The most haunted place on this list is Wale’s oldest inn, a place that holds much history closely linked to death. The Skirrid Inn has been around for some 900 years and was once used as a courthouse and gallows. It is said that around 180 hangings took place at the inn and the building even continues to display its worn, original hanging beam.

Noose inside haunted Skirrid Inn.
A noose on display within the haunted Skirrid Inn.

As one might expect a number of spirits are said to dwell within the haunted Skirrid Inn. Perhaps the best-known haunting at the inn is that of Judge John Jeffries, a former judge who supposedly worked at the inn and sentenced many to hang. It is told that his spirit is quite nasty and still on the lookout for more victims. Another even more sinister entity than the hanging judge is also said to roam the Skirrid Inn. This ghost is that of the inn’s former hangman who is often spotted as a dark, looming figure upon the staircase. The Skirrid Inn is also said to be haunted by victims of the hangings, a former priest and a young woman who died within the building of tuberculosis.

Haunted Skirrid Inn of Wales.
The downstairs area of the haunted Skirrid Inn.

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